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New Delta comfort+ CRJ900 interior

Brand new interior of the Delta comfort+ Crj900. This mod adds 2 rows of economy comfort and also adds in seat power to the economy class. This aircraft came straight out of the mod and had not seen a revenue flight yet when this video was taken. This aircraft features a total of 76 seats. 12 First class, 20 Economy comfort, and 44 main cabin ( Daha Fazlası...

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Seat Guru claims 17.3 inches for seat width, 31 inches pitch. How can anybody speak about comfort with these measurements? At least these babies are used for short flights only, unlike many bigger aircraft like the B777 or B787, where seats and pitch are getting no better numbers at many airlines.
Jeff Pollock 1
"Short flight" is a relative term. At least out of my home airport of JAX, DL utilizes this equipment on the JAX to DTW direct flight - 2h 24min. They also use them on the on the JAX to NYC direct flights which are just around 2h...maybe I can film myself in on e of these and submit to America's Got Talent...seems like contortionists do well on that show!
I feel your pain! Just 4 weeks ago I was subjected to a 17.3 inch wide seat on 31 inches pitch for an 8 hour flight from CDG to NBO, in a fine aircraft, the "dreamliner" B788. Sad to see it is being subverted into passenger hell by the airlines tendency to stuff too many seats in it. Bigger windows with fancy electronic blinds are no compensation for less than minimum space for normal adult passengers.
Muchits 2
It's better than the 50 seaters (single class) that UA flies between DAY and DEN and CMH and IAH.
I get more room on the two hour flight to and from KORD in a Cessna Caravan.
I agree. Had my first ride in a Cessna Caravan three weeks ago.
Michael Patrick -1
Seats are stolen from a school bus.
Doug Zalud 2
It's still a sardine can.
Well said!
ADXbear -2
Hmm, fine for a China man.. not for the average size American.. the Lav is a joke on all airliners anymore.. Drive..


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