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Check out Delta's new Canadian airliner that's trying to challenge Boeing and Airbus

In April, Bombardier Aerospace announced a mega order with Delta Air Lines for 75 of the company's C Series airliners in a deal worth up to $5.6 billion. Shortly after the deal's announcement, Bombardier flew one of its C Series demonstrators down to Delta's Atlanta headquarters for journalists and the airline's staff to get a closer look. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 19
19" wide coach seats... vs. 17" in Boeings?? is that right?? I'll ride!
I'm on!
Randall Kimm 5
Hi Wolfgang, SWISS has 5 C-Series 100 jets now. One of them is doing the CDG to ZRH.
If your work puts you in the right place, write a test review. I will do the same. Best, Randall
I know Randall, they also use it on the ZHR to PRG run. I might go to Germany in May, (PAD) and return from PRG, but SWISS uses a 10 abreast cattle car density 773 on their YUL to ZRH run, whereas Lufthansa uses a nice comfortable A330 with 8 across seating on their YUL to MUC run. It's a long 8+ hours from YUL to ZRH to be squeezed in on 17" seats, especially on the night flight eastbound. And as I travel for pleasure, not work, business class is too expensive. So I'm not decided yet.,
Randall Kimm 2
Hi Wolfgang, I must be getting old. I remember my first flight on the Airbus 330. Lufthansa acquired the first lot coming from Toulouse, France.
It was on the first milk run route from MUC-FRA. It was one of the most comfortable widebody heavy that I had ever flown on. I am extremely excited to make my first flight on the C-Series family of jets. On the 300's they even installed a window in rest room.
Jeff Phipps 11
More US Airlines would buy them except Boeing is dumping the 737's to block sales. Of course if anyone actually did this to Boeing there would be a Congressional hearing, huge fines for the offending party and screams to freeze the assets of all the executives!
Randall Kimm 1
You are absolutely right Emperor Trump the First would no doubt tweet about that.
ThePumpkin 1
All very good points Jeff, and right on the money about the reaction if someone attempted this to Boeing!!!
I have no idea of the credibility of this source, but they claim United got a massive "Black Friday kind" of discount on their purchase of 737-700s in order to freeze out the CSeries.
ThePumpkin 1
Yep, buy American eh? Sounds like Trumps protectionist act is starting to go to work already. Thanks for the feedback Wolfgang! Don't worry about the credibility of your source. In today's "new world" it's probably accurate.
Randall Kimm 2
As long as Donalds around we shall all live in fear of a notion that died when Kennedy was murdered.
Randall Kimm 4
This is a great aircraft for the Regional Carrier Market. See the UTube videos posted by customers flying Air Baltic and SWISS. It is ideal for the one to one and half flight legs. It is really fuel efficient because of the new Pratt and Whitney geared turbofan engines. Nice and BIG windows and tons of room in the overhead luggage bins. It really can carry oversized luggage. These operator's like it because it's really quiet and leaves a small carbon footprint. DELTA led the way by introducing the Regional Jet concept in the North American market. BOMBARDIER have built another winner. It will be a while before we get them in service here, but when they do you will like them. It's a great jet.
MultiComm 2
Too bad American legacy carriers have scope rules that will prevent this aircraft from being flown by a regional carrier.
mboette 3
Why is that too bad? It would be much better to have these aircraft flown by mainline vs the regionals.
scott8733 3
seating looks great in business class. Key will be the legroom as compared to the Dawgs, which I presume is what they will eventually replace.
MultiComm 2
Yes, they are replacing the MD88s
patrick baker 3
not a cattle car, rather filet-mignon car.....
dbkoob 4
looks like i will replace the b712/md80s which makes scene since the 712 has a lot of noise complants.
I think that any aircraft having rear- or fuselage-mounted engines will have more noise, simply because of the vibrations from the engines resonating through the air frame. On newer aircraft, this may be significantly less.I think because the engines are more isolated, being mounted on the wings of the 737 vs. the rear fuselage on the MD80. The 717 has BR715 engines similar in size to the IAE V2500 on the A320 and I have found the A320 to be pretty quiet compared to other models.
Randall Kimm 3
Agreed,these engine's are different in design from conventional high-bypass turbofan, they are keeping the exact details at Pratt & Whitney design under wraps. The local communities where the C-Series Jets are operating in Europe are extremely pleased by the extremely low noise footprint near their smaller farming communities communities close to the airports. Apparently it is noticeably more comfortable for the passengers in the cabin. Nonetheless, I would recommend a good pair of noise canceling headsets at all times.

Randy Shereda 1
its not the resonance .. the noise comes from pure engine, fuel burning generated thrust, instead of high-bypass types of engines - which are too large to be fuselage mounted in a practical manner.
mboette 1
The MD-90 has IAE V2500's. That definitely falls in the "high bypass" category.
MultiComm 0
Haven't flown on a 737-900 have you ... talk about a loud aircraft.
Give me screaming engines and black smoke, baby....the old 737-200s were awesome!
Mark Thomas 1
Amen Brother!!
Jon Vanmeter 1
Jack Carson 1
How about a B-52 in the 60's. Or a 707 and a DC-8, same period.
Randall Kimm 1
Yep,in those days smoke meant progress.
Wasn't it Delta's Convair 880's that trailed four columns of black smoke from those noise burners on takeoff? Awh how I miss those travel days.
jose Barrera 1
Better yet! Give a noise maker, black smoke dispenser 727-100!
Randall Kimm 1
Then let us give thanks to the mighty F-4.
Joseph Cooney 2
Looks very hospitable. Hope it succeeds. Instrument array looks very pilot friendly. Time will tell on this one.
japanjeff 2
Can't wait to ride this aircraft someday! :D
paul gilpin 1
waaaaaaaay off topic comment. but i did so here just because of the "newness" of the C series.
it's a question really.
what do aircraft designers do to determine if their jet engines are wing mount or tail mount?
it seems like the tail mount provides a clean wing, lower fuselage profile, but engine maintenance is elevated.
wing mount is easy engine maintenance, gravity drain fuel flow to engines.
my apology for OT.
Harold Dola 1
Do the manufacturers space the windows and seats to be aligned, and then the airlines change the seat spacing so that they aren't aligned with the windows? I see a lot of seats that aren't adjacent to windows these days.
Randy Shereda 3
A simple answer to your question is YES. Take the 737-8 for example ... the planes are pretty much all the same fuselage-wise that is. The airlines order their own seating and amenity configurations. Plane builders just don't have the time nor tooling to alter window spacing to meet the whims of the airlines, plane by plane. An airline may have half a dozen different seating configurations for the same type, depending on their routes. Short flights tend to have more seats than the aircraft used on long hauls. Another example of - is Norwegian Air ... They utilize the 787-8 to fly into Las Vegas. Most airlines have their 787-8s configured to hold around 200 passengers, but Norwegian crams 291 into the same space ... which is why Norwegian is suspending summer flights into Vegas, because with that configuration, they are too heavy to lift off when its over 105 degrees.
Art Troutman 2
Regarding altering window locations to align seat rows with window location - it's more than "time nor tooling". Fuselage structure is comprised of annular 'rings' - regularly spaced - with lengthwise 'stringers' spanning the rings. It is not feasible to reposition the rings, such that their repositioning increases their spacing; because of structural load considerations. Additionally, windows can only be positioned, symmetrically [centered] between adjacent rings.
I agree with your answer, but you are a tad optimistic about only 200 passengers in B787s. Have a look at SeatGuru, the typical seatplan calls for around 250 pax, no wonder this beautiful aircraft gets bad reviews from actual people that pay to put their bum in there. If you sell a product claiming superior comfort you better deliver! By the way, there is no need to tell me that's the fault of the airlines, not Boeing's, I already know that!
Randall Kimm 2
BOMBARDIER intentionally designed the C-Series aircraft to have one window for each row. The windows are larger than traditional windows in Boeing and Airbus aircraft. As for Trump meddling with the program would be counter-intuitive for his plans to save US jobs. PPG for example provides all of the windows for this aircraft. They are unique because nobody else in the market manufactures these windows from the US. Aviation is a global industry so the component infrastructure is singularly not the domain of one nation. Remember, Donald Trump flys all over the place in a designer Boeing 757 with British Rolls Royce engines. Boeing and Airbus important components for their huge segment of the aviation industry.
I have been in this aircraft, it still feels very much like an RJ. This is a good replacement for the A-318 and MD-95 / B-717 though.
George Okvat 1
Delta Airlines be aware... Have the Bombardier cabin designers confirm that their C Series seat arm rest design will not cause the same problem that the Bombardier designed/built M7 Railcar armrest caused for MTA Metro-North Railroad & Long Island Rail Road 10-15 years ago - the design looks very similar. After the two railroads took delivery of the M7s they paid over $300,000 in claims due to the armrest ripping the pants pockets off of men's trousers. SEE
Hopefully these will run at mach .79 or .78 . If they don't its going to cost delta a ton of cash with delays going into ATL
Specs say .78 typical, maximum cruise .82, and so far airlines that use the CSeries report that all design targets are met, very often even surpassed.
ko25701 1
Wow, Delta actually buying new unproven A/C? The seats like skimpy, much like the old CRJ200.
Tony Vienonen 1
But how will it handle all of the light chop?
Fran Turner 1
Asking from a layperson's point of view, do you find the stick control superior, equal to, or not as desirable as the conventional type found in a conventional cockpit?
Yes and only one side with a middle seat - The Embraer 170. and 175 are my favorite aircraft to fly, I'd imagine the C series will be as nice. But anything is better than the horrific 37-900's they'd make good beer cans as one Captain once said - 320's are a least a little more comfortable and without the narrowing fuselage up front !
CaptainFreedom -1
I'm waiting for Trump to threaten Delta with sanctions if they do not cancel the order and buy from Boeing.
Ant Miraa 2
Boeing and airbus have poor sales for the 737-600 and a318. They are not as efficient as the embraer ejets and larger crjs. This is the market bombardier is looking for.
What an optimistic pro American you are.
Commerce is a two-way street. Boeing has too much to lose if other countries stop buying US made aircraft.
Ed Merriam 1
Make Canada Great Eh-gain
the Arrow shall fly once more!
Steve Cravener -2
Still 30 inch seat pitch? No thanks, I'll drive.
SWISS uses a 30" to 32" pitch, but comment on SeatGuru are quite favorable because of the slimline seats.
I will admit that I am not in the demographic that airlines cater to. At my age, with my available time off, I do not take an airline on any trip less than 1500 miles. I have a trip to Portugal coming up shortly and I'm looking for the most stopovers I can find.
William Pirlot -7
No GE engines. Not interested.


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