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All-Electric Eviation Makes Debut at Paris Air Show

An Israeli startup wants to change the point-to-point travel equation with this economical alternative to airline travel. ( Daha Fazlası...

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bbabis 7
I was not much of a believer in pure electric transportation until I recently drove a Tesla X P100D. Flat out amazing! Snap your neck acceleration to a software limited 155 mph top speed with 300 miles of range. All this with more luxury options and appointments than I've ever seen. It even has a full auto-pilot. I can now easily see that putting that technology in an aircraft is definitely part of aviation's future. Can't wait to fly one.
As I drove a Tesla about a year ago, I can only confirm what you say. The owner was sitting next to me, he asked me to slow down to 40 km/h and then step on it for exactly one second. I've never gotten a kick in the rear like that. It was enough to convince me, I should get my EV within the next few weeks.
wylann 7
The bikes are the same way. I'm hoping to get a Zero bike for commuting soon. :)
bbabis 3
Darn! Now I've got to try one of those out too!
Let's see how this works out.
linbb -6
Sounds like a good way to spend money supporting something that is far from anything else anyone has done.
Things like this are a pipe dream to sink money into as it has nothing to draw from just a shell that is unproven and says it some how will do wonder and magic.
Am willing to bet it will never deliver what is promised as if it were possible it would have already been done by an existing mfg.
Sam Johnson 12
Have you ever heard of the Wright brothers? Same thing.
msutter55 3
After Orville Wright's historic twelve-second flight, they were unable to locate his luggage.
bbabis 5
Never is a long time. Battery technology has been the holdback. As it continues to improve you will see performance far better than what is promised here and every manufacturer will sooner than later get onboard.
wylann 5
We are finally at the point where battery,materials, and computer technology are coming together to make things like this possible.
The question always though, is will it work (and sell)?

I hope so.
joel wiley 1
Work and sell? Those are two separate questions.
Roy Corrales 4
In my area, you frequently see many active RC Airplane hobbyist switching from the old and dirty fuel energy to fully electrics, the large list of positive reasons for us into the hobby to do that is just unbeatable. So it's not surprising that sooner or later we could be able to see electric private and commercial flight op's dominating the skies all around the world. Hope to see that :)
Kairho Carroll 3
I wish they had included info on battery charge or cartridge swap time, along with cost to re-"fuel."
bbabis 3
It would probably be stated in Minutes of run time per hour of charge time. It would also depend on the power source and you would need an adapter for every conceivable type. My plan would be to carry a Honda generator and buy a little avgas from the FBO if nothing else was available. Cartridge swap would probably not be practical due to the size. Maybe for a small training aircraft in a flight school situation with multiple units. As they say, The sky's the limit. It will be fun to see the progression.
Jaime Terrassa 1
Can't wait to fy in one of them
Eric Schmaltz 1
Cool idea and cool looking plane. I can't see a commercial jet going all electric though. Hybrid maybe? How would these planes pressurize or heat a cabin. Could the batteries stand up to the cold at high altitudes for prolonged flight? What about backup power in case of battery issues? Could a lightning strike be catastrophic? How about reverse thrust?
bbabis 1
I think Eviation addresses many of your questions with its' planned use of fuel cell technology down the road, which makes fuel as you fly. You would have two power sources, the fuel cell itself and fuel stored in batteries. This potentially gives electric aircraft far greater range than today's aircraft. It would also be able to power electric compressors or pumps for various systems. I don't think lightning would be any more catastrophic than it is for today's planes and reverse thrust could be achieved with blade pitch or simply turning the motor the other way.
Larry Bowdish -7
Another Paper Airplane. looks good on paper, it'll never fly. If it does, it wont keep up with the hype. We've seen a lot of paper airplanes. Remember the Piper Jet?
bbabis 4
It is not as much about the particular airplane as it is about the idea. Yes, for various reasons the PiperJet is not here but then you look at Cirrus' VisionJet and its' success.
btweston 2
You're right. Let's not try anything.
joel wiley 1
A firmer "it'll never fly" is that the first generation version will never fly the KSFO-KPNL route.


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