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Two More US Airlines Support Bombardier V. Boeing In Trade Dispute

Two more US Airlines have asked US authorities to reject the complaint by Boeing against the Bombardier CSeries. Spirit Airlines, which operates 112 Airbus aircraft, and Sun Country Airlines, which operates 22 Boeing aircraft, both wrote letters against Boeing’s complaint and in favor of the CSeries. ( Daha Fazlası...

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laurent labelle 13
Let's be honest. Every country that has a substantial aerospace manufacturers base subsidize those companies, including the USA. Boeing should just put their big boy pants on and drop this ridiculous action against Bombardier.
D H 5
Right. But Trump's "America first" has given extra lift to Boeing's well-subsidized wings. No thought given to American customers.

Randall Kimm 1
Correct your statement. No thought is ever given to the citizens. The main players in Boeings urge to be an oligopoly are the pols and the execs. They happen to be the main benefactors of this "closed-off" industry.
Anas Iqbal 5
Love Bombardier.
matt jensen 4
Me too
Ian Barton 5
Here in Australia we also suffer from countries, including America, who send their subsidised exports into Australia so America is no angel when it comes to this. There are plenty examples of subsidised American exports that could be identified. Unfortunately Americas plays the bully and threatens retaliation if we try to do anything about it. One rule for America, another for the rest of us.
Alain Rondeau 3
You are just absolutely right!
Randall Kimm 1
Just like the Avro CF-105 Arrow they want to stop us again, maybe we should build the wall and use the one dollar bills for our out houses. Cause that what they think of us and how we live up here. I’ll give u an example what them know down there saw a game show last week and the question was name a country in North America and the women said North Carolina. Also why do they buy our skidoos made by Bombardier. Boeing should get some water repellent to wash away the tears.


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