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COMAC suspends flight tests for C919

Beijing - The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has suspended the flight tests of its single-aisle C919 for three months. The certification remains planned for 2020 the manufacturer says. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) announced the suspension of C919 tests for modifications, including flaps and empennage. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Fair enough - that's why prototypes are flown and tested, and modified then re-tested. China, like Europe and Brazil and Canada and the USA, must be very proud to be developing a home-grown airliner industry.
toolguy105 0
The C919 is not home grown rather it is a Chinese built adaptation of the Airbus A320 . Until this venture no aircraft manufacture allowed China or any one else to build the wing as it is them mmmost important part plane, not even the Russians.
David Ackerman 1
Everything I'm seeing says it's a joint venture between COMAC and a group of Russian companies including Rostec and UAC. The dimensions don't appear to quite match any aircraft in the A320 family, though the wingspan might be nearly the same. It doesn't particularly resemble an A320 any more than a 737. What's your source? Are you trying to say this is license built? Everything I've read suggests it's independent, and that Airbus in fact views it as potential competition. It seems logical that it's based, at least in part, on the A320. (As the 320 was doubtless based on the 737 before it. And a thousand aircraft on a thousand others. That being how it's done.) But I'm curious why you think it's actually related.
Ken Kang 0
Gong FangBin 0
Great! Hope to see you flying in the sky soon.
Leon Kay 0
A wise decision COMAC. Hoping that you would rectify these problems soon.
Well, what would anyone expect? It's made in China !!!!
shuo zhang 0
After the C919 went offline, many people simply couldn't understand how much progress and technological achievement China had made.


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