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Repairs Complete In Laredo, Dreamliner 2 To Return To Seattle

Boeing has readied ZA002, the 787 flight test airplane that experienced an electrical fire on Nov. 9, to be flown from Laredo, Texas, to Seattle. Maintenance technicians replaced the damaged P100 power distribution panel, repaired damage to interior composite structure and installed new insulation material. The team in Laredo, Texas, has completed a series of ground test operations and inspections to validate the repairs. The flight, which is expected to occur soon, will not include test… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Timothy Kratzer 0
I serviced this aircraft in Eglin Air Force base while it underwent testing in the -25 degree hangar to see how it handles those types of temperatures. We loaded it with potable water, and water started pouring out of every crack in the aircraft. Engineers said that didn't happen when they left Everett. Needless to say, it was quite the site.
Doug Lacey 0
When Boeing had the mis-fortune of their inflight emergency, Laredo, Texas had the good fortune of having the aircraft land here.

Never have I witnessed such a gathering of dedicated engineers get to the task of getting their dream machine back home. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such a fine group of individuals and work with them on a daily basis.

After 22 days of intensive ground work, all of us at the airport watched the 787 take the runway for departure. Right before rotation you could see those incredible wings arching upwards and away she went !

It was obviously a big set back for Boeing, but I can tell the traveling public they have no fears - no expense was spared in shuttling engineers back and forth from Seattle and no one ever took a break it seems except to grab a quick bite to eat.

I feel very priveledged to have witnessed the future of aviation happening right here in my back yard - what an awesome aircraft !

Merry Christmas to all at Boeing - you have earned it !!

Doug Lacey
Laredo Aero Center
Laredo, Texas
Joel Rodriguez 0
Too bad they didn't convert it into a sit-down restaurant. o_O
cbw 0
Soon, like in 30 minutes.


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