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Getting Worse: Government Shutdown Forces Miami Airport to Close a Terminal

With more federal security screeners refusing to work without pay and due to staffing shortages caused by the ongoing partial government shutdown, Miami International Airport will close off one of its terminals starting this weekend and send TSA workers to busier checkpoints, a spokesman said Thursday night. ( Daha Fazlası...

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dee9bee 2
My understanding is that only one security checkpoint was closed, not an entire terminal. Pax could go to the next checkpoint and still access the terminal once through security. Still a pain for the passengers, though.
Jim Myers 2
This clearly says the opposite - "Planes will still be able to drop off passengers at Terminal G throughout the day. But once the security checkpoint closes, outbound passengers will have no access to the gates and the restaurants and shops that depend on departing flights for business will shut down, too, Chin said."

No, the passengers cannot go through a different checkpoint and then teleport to terminal G.
Highflyer1950 3
I guess it’s going to take a mid-air to get everyones’s attention in order to get these federal workers back to work? Any President that uses government workers as pawns in this way just to invoke a political fight that really nobody wants is severely tone deaf! Since we are speaking about airport/ TSA, ATC workers here, you have to ask yourself two questions: 1. The President had both houses of government and still could not get it done and 2. When both houses unanimously approved a bill to settle all this........Trump turned on everyone , classic juvenile baby trump. Stay tuned as his poorly educated white base sit around with dumb looks on their faces as he turns the USA into the very Shi#hole country he despises! To quote: “there are none so blind as those who will not see”! I’m done with this topic.
Cansojr -5
Good job Don crush that economy you blather on about. You look like you are going to be a welfare state in 2020 with everything shutting down. At least the Americans don't have to pay tax cause Don closed the government.
Cansojr 1
What are you doing about that obese twit of Russian espionage. You who vote people out of this forum just to get rid of the pesky luddites. Voting someone out because you happen to be destroying this amazing information for aviation. Don't wreck this happens to be true. I don't vote a person out who says something I disagree with. It is the odd idiot I will vote down if they are vulgur to others.

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Matt Kladder 13
So because Federal employees should have a rainy day fund, and because they get "superior" rates of pay (which I dispute but that's besides the point here) it's ok for people to be required to work and not get paid on time for it? What other industry in the world says to their employees "ya... You have to keep showing up... I'll pay you... But I'm not going to tell you could be months or even years" that's insane. Whether there is a crisis at the boarder or not is up to everyone to decide on their own. DC is holding federal employees hostage as leverage to play their political game. That is wrong no matter what is happening south of us.
Ric Wernicke -2
Federal employees know the rules when they sign on. They will also receive every dollar they are owed.

The game is only being played by the Democrats, who only have a majority in the House. The President is protecting the country.

What is happening to the South of us is costing untold billions, and taking an unconscious tole on our safety.
djames225 4
Federal employees are not pawns and do not expect to be treated as such! They may receive every dollar they are owed but when?...after they lose their house and possibly transportation because they can no longer pay for it?
The game is being played by your President. He had control of both House of Reps and Senate for the past 2 years...and no wall funding was allocated!
Now this is an aviation forum, not a political grandstand. My apologies to the other members.
canuck44 -7
Actually Federal workers receive 47% more than equivalent private sector jobs plus they have job security not enjoyed by private sector hires.

The shut down shows why the TSA airport hoards should be privatized as they are at a number of major airports and ATC privatized like NavCanada.
btweston -2
That’s a pretty wild claim. 47% is a lot.

If you’re correct, federal workers must be incredibly well qualified and highly educated, because money talks and bitter trolls like yourself couldn’t get the job that they wanted.
canuck44 2
Rather than acting like the forum twit. Take a few moments to look the numbers up before denigrating the other members.
btweston -7
Is your mommy on this forum?

I still don’t believe you.
Ken McIntyre 0
Not true, but whatever.
btweston 7
To expound on my comment, Donald F Trump ran for President on the idea that he could convince stupid people who happen to be racist that Mexico would pay for a wall along the southern border of the United States.

Ha! Tell me another.

His party had control of both houses of Congress for two years. They did not fund the wall. The wall is of enormous importance, they say, but they did not fund it.

The Democrats have just taken control of the House, and all of a sudden it is the Democrats’ fault that the wall is not funded and the government is shut down.

If you honestly believe that, you are stupid.
btweston -5
Downvoted by a stupid person.
Steve Cravener 3
Coming across in droves? Undersirable people? First, I assures you nobody is coming across in droves, and second, we all know the racist code words.

The wall is Trump's little toy and he is throwing a tantrum because rational people know it is not only a waste of money, but it is impossible. He needs to quit acting his age and spend his last two years acting somewhat presidential.
Ric Wernicke 2
Last November more than 25,000 people were arrested at the border. Only one in five crossing is caught. That is droves by any measure. 3,000 of those were convicted felons. None of them were crossing to attend choir practice.

Your equating sovereignty with racism is laughable and as disingenuous as your tirade deriding the President.

When those without a defensible position are confronted, they hurl insults.
Steve Cravener 4
Living about a 20 minute drive from the border, and having lived here for about 51 years gives me a better perspective on the truth than someone who lives in New Jersey. It is very quiet on the border.

And may I ask you just how many of the 25,000 arrests you claim were legal residents? Something tells me you have no idea.

As for deriding Trump, how could you not deride a 71 year old acting like a toddler. If you are unable to see what as ass he is, I must dismiss anything else you have to say.
djames225 1
Did it ever occur to you why the increase in attempted crossings since Trump was sworn in? increase in attempted crossings, and last November was over 51K not 25K. I do not know where u get your "only 1 in 5 is caught" since border patrol was increased many years ago, and the number, of attempted crossings, was on the decrease for many many years. I give KUDOS to the South Border Patrol offices and officers for doing a great job, Saying they need a wall is an insult to them! Makes it appear they cannot do their job!
Again my apologies to the members as this is an aviation, not a political forum.

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