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Search continues day after Alaska ambulance aircraft goes missing

The search continues Wednesday morning for an ambulance aircraft with Guardian Flight which went missing Tuesday evening after failing to reach its scheduled destination in Kake. Chief Charly Hengen with the U.S. Coast Guard public affairs office told KTUU early Wednesday that more crews are coming in to assist in the search in addition to the search personnel mobilized yesterday who would again be participating in the efforts. "We're still conducting the search this morning. So far… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jay Ishere 2
From a source on the USCG Cutter Anacapa tasked with searching and recovering crash debris....The wing was found yesterday floating in two pieces separated about 5 or so miles from each other north of the assumed crash location. It was thought they had drifted with the tides. Also, there is mention by the FAA on site at Kake that there appears ice buildup on the wing surface may have played a role in the sudden lost of control. There was no mayday call, perhaps indicating there was no time for the pilot. We can’t disregard a medical issue affecting the pilot, hopefully the MedEvac1 crew will soon be recovered.

Cant help but recall the Martin Hartwell story from 1972. May the outcome be even more positive.
SOAjareynolds 1
Sadly, its not looking good up here in Alaska. :( The weather has been really harsh and cold and they've been pulling debris out of the water. After this much time, the CG is just looking for bodies at this point.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Two King Airs down a day apart. I hope there won't be a third. Stay safe guys. R.I.P.


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