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Eighteen British tourists kicked off plane in Israel after one threatened to blow it up

A group of 18 British tourists were thrown off a plane in Israel after one of them allegedly threatened to blow up the aircraft. One of the passengers, who were all men, was led away by security forces after being ejected from the British Airways jet at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. Some of the group are also alleged to have made antisemitic jokes about other passengers after boarding the flight to London Heathrow on Sunday. “After they sat down on the plane, one of the members of the group… ( Daha Fazlası...

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ToddBaldwin3 13
Stupid is as stupid does.
slightly drunk or not,there are two words for people,especially in a group, who would make the comments attributed to this person,"brainless idiot"!security in Israel and on their aircraft is even more stringent than other places..
AWAAlum 1
Just to pick a nit, one word would do - if one is "brainless" they obviously would be an "idiot". (Don't get riled, I'm being silly.)
Lucio DiLoreto 9
There are no pills for stupid.
ravenshammer 3
Oh yes there is! It's made of lead, though...
James Simms 7
Should never “joke” like that anytime but especially in Israel. Had it been El Al, they probably would have been spread eagled on the concrete so fast, their heads would have spun off their bodies. Mush for brains
sharon bias 4
El Al probably would have kept them off the plane in the first place.
Iain Girling 7
Long walk back to the UK. Doubt any airline will want to fly them.
SmokedChops 6
see also; Oxford Collegiate Dictionary - TWIT - a fat-handed lager git thinking he has going to be cute with the IDF. Now, most likely banned from any flights from the UK, most likely banned from returning to Israel. All for running his pie-hole without regard to what is coming out of it on an international flight in a country that has a very dim view of said 'humour' ergo; twit.

sharon bias 9
Israel takes security to a whole new level. If these idiots didn't know that before they boarded their flight, they sure know it now.
alex hidveghy 4
All airlines have a standard policy of zero tolerance for disrupting a flight and not obeying crew instructions. If you don’t know that, then perhaps you shouldn’t board and airplane drunk and belligerent!
jbermo 4
Was on a gambling charter out of LAS when some drunk idiot joked "I wonder if they will find my bomb". The poor SOB was arrested at the gate and I was later told that he had to pay $$ for the entire bomb inspection team as well as $$ overtime for all involved that had arrested him + more $$ for airplane parking fees.
Matt West 3
Ron White said it can fix so many things with medicine...but you can’t fix stupid.
William Medlin 2
STUPID! all caps with exclamation pt.
Pa Thomas 4
Alcohol and airports are the worst possible security failure. Stop letting morons get drunk at airports. Stop selling alcohol. PERIOD.
Why should I be punished for the actions of others.
gina Bennis 1
you can't fix stupid
Cansojr 1
15 anti-semetic idiots punted from a British Airways Flight to Israel after crude remarks were mmade about Jewish people.
Cansojr 2
Sorry, I meant 18 mush heads.
Mike Boote -1
A drunk man says what a sober man thinks.
paul gilpin 0
when i hear stories like this, it reminds me of my own stupidity or lack of situational awareness.
mid 1980s.
a co-worker and myself were flying from tulsa to houston for the offshore technology conference held annually.
i met my co-worker at the then version of security. as it was an early morning flight, i greeted my co-worker by saying, "hi jack".


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