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KLM Will Replace Amsterdam To Brussels Flights With A Railway Partnership

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has teamed up with NS Dutch Railways and French-Belgian high-speed train operator Thalys to replace flights between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) and Brussels. Starting in March of next year KLM will replace one of its daily flights between Brussels Airport (BRU) and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). Over the past few months, KLM has been working with NS Dutch Railways and Thalys to come up with a way to replace flight between the two European capitals with trains. ( Daha Fazlası...

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canuck44 2
This will be even more useful if a Brussels station were to be located at Brussels airport. True high speed would keep the commute to under one hour and would allow check in at AMS and departure at BRU or vice versa. The rail pass could be included in the ticket price.
eccsandiego 1
I’m all for it, having always loved the Thalys during the 20 years I lived in Paris. Or I should say during the latter part of my 20 years in Paris. Thalys (which came after the Eurostar aka Chunnel train) is very civilized. Whereas I always hated changing planes at Schiphol the few times I had to, either returning to Paris from Asia or from some relatively small airport in Germany.
djames225 1
Interesting idea KLM has..have an area on the train for those flying out of AMS & a proper screening/checked baggage center in Brussels Midi Station. Have not taken it, but heard great things about Thalys.
airuphere 1
I think this could be a good way of dropping unnecessary emissions where able. This can really work in The EU - trains are on time and high speed is actually high speed. Besides the Eurostar (chunnel) the boarding is instantaneous and your off. Schipol has a stop underneath it so no fussing there.. if you were going from Brussels over seas.. why not train to Schipol as your first connection.


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