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Boeing Shuffles CEOs, 787 Production Cut, Delays 777-X Further

In today's 3Q earnings release, Boeing has announced that it will reduce its 787 production rate by two planes and yet another delay on its 777-X program, plus the reduction of the production of its 787 production line from the current 14 down to 12 planes per month starting in 2020. The North American planemaker also announced that Stan Deal is the new President and CEO of its Commercial Airplanes division, effectively replacing Kevin McAllister, who had been in the role since November… ( Daha Fazlası...

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scott8733 4
A wise man once told me that what Boeing's doing is the equivalent of "shuffling shitheads" to appease stockholders. Pardon the french. It's a Mahogany Row term.
Roy Hunte 1
I don't know if anyone else realized this, but when Ray Connor and Randy Tinseth were switched out for Kevin McAllister and Dennis Muilinberg, Boeing started to fall into problems.
Edward Bardes 1
In my opinion, the rivalry between Boeing and Airbus can be summed up as "slobs versus snobs".
Raphael Stude 1
Remind me again what Airbus has to do with this?
Edward Bardes 1
The 737 MAX was a symptom of the rivalry between the two companies, and by extension the fallout of the accidents involving the aircraft.
Raphael Stude 2
Yeah, the symptom is isolated on Boeings side. Their inability to make a safe product and decision to use a 60 year old airframe in response to airbus' product, has nothing to do with airbus. Blaming the accidents on Boeing AND Airbus is the most absurd thing i have heard regarding this, or even correlating their competition to a god damn crash. Boeing and only Boeing is responsible for making the 737, and for its safety and reliability. If Boeing cant handle the pressure, thats on Boeing. And in that case they shouldnt release that product. It was Boeings reaction to the competition, they could have done something else, but they didnt. Ultimately no responsibility lies on Airbus to make sure Boeings products are safe, or vice-versa, in fact its quite impossible when you think about the trade secrets of both companies.

I understand if youre a Boeing fan youre looking for scapegoats, and Airbus is just such a convenient one. But in this case they are nothing more than just that, a scapegoat. Do you blame Apple when Samsung phone batteries explode? No, cause thats absurd and it doesnt work like that.

Correlation does not equal causality, just cause a competitor has a similar product. In that case Embraer or Bombardier is equally responsible.
Torsten Hoff 1
Boeing didn't want to make the 737 Max, they decided to make it anyway to prevent losing sales to Airbus.

Unlike the A32x the 737 family sat too low to the ground to support a geared turbofan in the usual location, so the designers moved it forward and up, then compensated with software (poorly) for the change in the thrust axis.

That decision was Boeing's and Boeing's alone. If they had taken the clean-sheet approach, they would have been late to the party, but they would have avoided the mess they are in now.
joel wiley 1
A mess that is making them late to the party anyhow...
Raphael Stude 1
This is true, but that speaks of bad strategy making decissions on Boeings part. Again, it has nothing to do with Airbus. Airbus is the competition, but they have no part in what kind of product Boeing releases. Boeing should have made a replacement for the 737 30 years ago, and thats where they failed the first time. One could say the pressure to push out a product is what doomed boeing in this case, but it was also entirely their decission to fit these engines, install MCAS, get it inspected, change it after inspection and then circumvent the FAA to change it again, lobbying for more self regulation, ignoring engineers and pilots, and lying about it up to this day saying things like "its unfortunate our pilots said things like this about the MAX and were investigating what it really means". No Boeing, everyone and you know exactly what it means, you just dont want to hurt your ego and stock price.

I understand the conflict here, Boeing felt pressure from Airbus product, sure. I get it. And maybe the originial comment wasnt blaming Airbus for it, but doing so is absurd.


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