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Union president recommends Southwest to buy planes from another company

The union that represents Southwest Airlines pilots thinks that Boeing may be rushing the return of the 737 MAX back into service. The union of pilots also said Southwest should not rely on Boeing's planes only. The union president, Jon Weaks, says Boeing is raising the threat of shutting down the 737 MAX assembly line to pressure regulators to let the plane fly again soon and force airlines to resume making payments on their 737 MAX jets and absorb some costs of getting the planes back in… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Upstart union rep expects safe working conditions for members at the expense of Boeing shareholders and CEO. Outrageous.
Upstart union rep expects safe working conditions for members... like Forkner you mean? You know, Forker. The SWA pilot he throws under the bus about twice a week.

He really doesn't have to be such a loud mouth attention whore to do his job.
the union and its representative for the pilots,have every right to voice their concerns over the continued use and purchase of boeing 737 aircraft...wn is noted for having only one aircraft in service, the 737,whichever model it may seems that boeing has had ample time to correct the serious problem with the 737max,and boeing knows the airlines have contracted to buy a lot of them,so why not give more push towards boeing doing what is right and immediately putting all of their experts to work on correcting the flaw?yes,boeing shreholders and their ceo should be concerned,but not because the union suggested buying from another manufacturer,but because it is their fault there even is a problem..
ADXbear 2
There we go.. no pilots no flying.. no pilots no public trust..
Bring back the 757
canuck44 4
WN should tell him they would be happy to do so if the added costs could be removed from money paid to the unions for the life of any other model acquired.
Larry Toler 2
WN and other airlines have pushed back delivery once again to March of next year. What is this guy talking about? Sounds like he's just ranting against Boeing.
Don Quixote 1
Sorry, NOT HAPPENING! Southwest is sticking with Boeing. Quit trying to force it into a sidesticks.
Don Quixote 1
into sidesticks.*
Mike Mohle 1
Maybe he should start his own airline!
Does this Jon Weaks guy ever shut up?
N9ZN -2
Enough is enough. This airplane is very likely to be the safest airplane in the air as it stands today. Put the 737Max back in the air and stop this safety probe gone senseless squabble.
sparkie624 0
I think this Union President has been smoking something that he shouldn't
Jayden Hakunti 0
If WN diversifies their fleet, perhaps they will get a plane that scope prevents regionals from obtaining. Like the MRJ, or E195-E2. Afterall JetBlue supplements their Airbuses with E190.
Richard Orgill -4
Let's have ASO and dozens of others pour all over this A/C along with how many so-called experts who work at our nation's capital and the Union President thinks it might be unsafe.

After all of this, I will never take another SWA flight.


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