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Amazon picks low-cost airline Sun Country to expand its cargo business

Sun Country Airlines, a small, Minneapolis-based leisure carrier, will start flying a fleet of 10 converted Boeing 737-800 freighters in the second quarter of 2020, part of a plan to expand Amazon Air with leased single-aisle planes. (www.cnbc.com) Daha Fazlası...

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canuck44 5
If they are hiring 150 pilots, we may see some of the ex-pats in China coming home providing they have competitive pay. The other option would be to raid the already short staffed regionals.
Even if the pay isn't what they want, many expats that are currently finding themselves unemployed in China will probably jump at the opportunity, even if they only see it as a stepping stone to other better-paying jobs. A steady income is a great motivator.
And time in the left/right seat in a plane is better than no time at all.
Pecos Llama 0
All hail our Consumerism Overlord, Jeff Bezos!
David Rice -4
And let's hope the "porch pirates" steal Mr. Bezos' Christmas gifts!
Mike Williams -1
I agree. Amazon delivery people drop the package and knock on the door. I've been lucky so far and will not get anything with companies with that attitude. BYE AMAZON.
At my house they don't knock or ring the bell. Just dump and run.
Knock , take photo, then run .
I bet the cargo carriers will buy the 737 Max because passengers won't want to fly on them.
Wow, this sounds like a great idea...

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Frank Harvey 20
Ex-pats (expatriates) go to another country with the intention to eventually return "home". Immigrants/migrants (definition varies from the perspective of the observer) move with the intention of remaining in the new location permanently. There is no "white", "brown", "yellow" or any other color associated with these words.
David Rice 1
Thank you for the clear and accurate definitions, Frank. Obviously, John Gilzinger has a lot to learn about getting along with people.
Larry Toler 2
Really? After my wife and I got out of the USAF, we stayed in Germany as US Army civilians as we were needed. Oh by the way, another reason we stayed is we didn't like racist people like you staring at us because I'm white and my wife is black. Come to think of it there are a lot of Americans of color who chose to stay overseas just to avoid people like you.

Sorry, back to avation from now on.
David Rice 2
Who wrote anything about the race of those pilots being referred to? John, you need to be introspective about your tendencies towards racist leanings. No one is calling you a racist, but please think a little before posting, as your post could easily put you in the category of "libtard" to intelligent readers.
travistx 1
Perhaps you should type "expat" into google before posting, john.


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