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After scandals, Atlanta creates IG position to thwart Georgia takeover of KATL

When state lawmakers tried to create an state authority to manage the airport last year, allegations of corruption at the airport became a call to arms for those championing the proposal. ( More...

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brock55 1
The mess with the Atlanta City Hall is forcing the state to try and do something to ensure new businesses will still come to GA. The current mayor inherited a big mess and is trying to clean it up but a shovel wont do it. She needs a monster excavator with what was dumped in her lap. It may be to late though.
bentwing60 -1
It's only 'suthurn' democrat politics. Go ahead and look up the party affiliation of the last 5 mayors, I didn't, but I'll bet!

I live in Dallas and the mold the city council, county commissioners and local D party exhibit is in every major metropolitan area in Texas.

I'd like to think not, but, "It may be to late though".
matt jensen 1
That won't stop govt takeover.


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