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Southwest Airlines to suspend Boeing 737 MAX flights until June

Southwest, the Dallas based airline recently announced that they would be suspending flights operated by the Boeing 737 MAX until early June. Southwest says that once the aircraft have been certified by the FAA, that they will resume service on the MAX. ( Daha Fazlası...

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bartmiller 5
The steady drumbeat of negative news about Boeing is quite depressing. Since the MD merger, they’ve steadily run an amazing company into the ground (sad pun intended).

It’s going to take real leadership, discipline and perseverance to recover their place in the industry. I truly hope that they have it in them to accomplish this. I also truly worry if they’ll be able to do it.
Don Quixote -8
That's the media for ya. All they know how to do is publicly destroy people or corporations so they public will quickly grow to hate you. Like Trump? Except Trump doesn't give a rats *ss and puts them in their place, as he should for the way they've been treating him since day one.
Don Quixote 0
Looks like corporate media found my comment and downvoted.
The media has been running wild for many decades and got called out on it. When it comes to aviation events, they are especially clueless. I agree with your viewpoint.
btweston 0
I am starting to wonder if the 737 Max will ever fly again.
Ken McIntyre 2
Same here. I suppose it will. There is nothing really wrong with the aircraft other than shoddy software. Now Boeing management is another issue.
btweston 3
Well, shoddy aerodynamics which required the shoddy software.
According to some other sources, on top of the MCAS issue, there is also a wiring issue that can cause a short circuit in the 737 MAX while in flight.
Don Quixote -7
Seriously? After 900 flight tests and proving that the MAX is a safe plane, it won't ever fly again? How about we just let experienced American pilots actually fly it, in the meantime...foreign international pilots can jump in the simulator and learn to fly since they barely have any hours under their belt. It most definitely will fly again, and it's going to be this year.
The public has a long memory. A large percentage of customers will not fly on a 737 MAX regardless of any assurances that the plane is safe, even from pilots. If a crash unfortunately occurs in the future involving the MAX, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with the MCAS, that will be its death knell. Think in terms of the average flyer. Faith is a hard thing to regain.
Don Quixote 1
"A large percentage of customers will not fly on a 737 MAX regardless" I think that's flat out BS, you know for a fact the majority of people have no idea, nor do they care, which plane they're flying on. I mean, let's be real for a second. Once the MAX gets back in the air, flying with airlines...who knows, you might see people sit out for a temporary short amount of time, but after that...weeks, months go one is going to care. i.e. every other airline crash that's resulted in fatalities.

btweston 2
Just sell your stock, dad.
john kilcher 2
No doubt, SW is looking very seriously at the AB A220. Kiss off Boeing, peoples lives first. If it's on a Boeing, I ain't going.
Air Canada unveiled theirs yesterday. I saw the delivery video and the production video as well. I think it can perform significantly better than the 737 MAX thanks to its fuel efficiency.
Don Quixote -7
"very seriously" lol, no they aren't John. Southwest isn't buying Airbus, whatsoever.

Sorry but, if it isn't Boeing, I'm not going. Screw Airbus.
GrayRabbit 5
You mean, if it's Boeing you're not going, as they've been grounded for almost a year now.
Don Quixote -1
Wow, it's been grounded for almost a year now? Well no shit, did you just crawl out from under a rock?
John Manley 1
yeah for real... as an SWA guy, I could NEVER fly SWA again if they decided to sell their soul and give in to peer pressure. the MAX will fly again and when it does it will be 1000% safe you can guarantee that. Great things come about when you WAIT for them. What I wish now is SWA avidly was searching for used or for sale -800s to buy just like they did with a good deal of their -700s. That would be the smartest move for SWA to make while they wait on the MAX to come back.
Jamar Jackson 1
Make it a cargo plane for amazon
Brian Wilkes 1
tear it down start again!
Ground the 737 MAX even longer!!
Still not done yet. It's costing Boeing $2 Billion each month. The bill is at $20 Billion already!!
bentwing60 2
They are part of the group that print the 'money'. No worries mate!
Roy Corrales 4
Hahaha sad but true :S
Don Quixote -1
It isn't 2, it's 1...Abieshan.

It's only cost them a little over 10, not 20. Get your facts straight.
Well according to FlightAware, in August, the groundings had already cost Boeing $8 Billion.
Mark Weiser 0
Can a 737 driver tell me why you just can't shut off the mcas, and pay attention to the issues created by the redesign?
Not a pilot, but from my understanding, the MCAS was added to prevent an aerodynamic stall, due to the heavy engines. Disabling it completely might cause the plane to go into a stall.
MCAS is not software to prevent aerodynamic stall. The plane actually flies quite stably without it. MCAS was developed to deal with asymmetric stick pressure under certain thrust/angle of attack/center of gravity conditions. In certain instances in the right conditions the still pressure did not remain consistent within FAR specifications. This didnt make the aircraft unstable, but required pilots to adjust control inputs to maintain desired speed, attitude, and bank angle at very specific points within the flight envelope. Engine size and placement had something to do with this,but didn't create inherent instability.
There is now way to shut off MCAS, it is embedded in the flight control computers. It is like the speed trim function in the NG.
Silent Bob 1
Eh, not true at all. The Stabilizer Trim Cutout Switches on the pedestal will prevent MCAS from operating. The Ethiopian crew did do this, and it stopped the MCAS. Problem is they had already allowed it to run the trim full nose down while allowing the aircraft to accelerate to a point where the air load on the stab prevented them from moving it manually. When they realized they were unable to trim manually they reengaged the cutout switch(es) which of course allowed the MCAS to operate again and sealed their fate.
I think what he was referring to was 'an MCAS ON/OFF switch' in which there is not , the cutout switches cut off power to the stabilizer which results in manual trim or pitch control by elevator only in other models. You can also fly with the flaps down that will inhibit it
Silent Bob 1
Ah, that makes sense. My answer would be unless you know for sure it's the MCAS that is bad and not something else it's easier/safer to just shut off all systems that utilize stab trim and save the troubleshooting for later.
Bob OBrien 0
Is there really a software issue? We have seen the 737 fleet grounded for going on 2 yrs. In that time they could have created 10 complete versions of software. The fundamentals of the plane is solid...whats going on?
Mike Dryden 4
March 10, 2019. Did I sleep for a year some place?

What’s going on? The regulators haven’t had a proper look at the plane since the ‘60s. Now the books are wide open (hopefully). That’s not a five minute exercise.

The CG has moved significantly. That’s kind of a big deal.

People forget the 737 was certified as a ~100 seat airliner that has since grown to the capacity of a 707 on the same ticket.
Bryan Morgan 0
Damn is this what aviation has come to, pilots can’t fly an airplane because of a software glitch. That scares the hell out of me
Mike Dryden 3
If it were a ‘software glitch’ it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s been a pretty complete breakdown of the whole system. A manufacturer wanting airframes to customers at whatever cost they see fit, a regulator too far out of the loop, airlines that have meat lines for training... That is what aviation has come to.
Bryan Morgan -2
Then how do you account for all the hours US airlines have put on this plane with no problems, maybe the know how to turn off the a/p and fly the plane?


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