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Safest seats on an airplane to avoid coronavirus

Montreal, Canada - The world is in alert due to a new coronavirus type that started to spread from China. The virus has reached to 15 countries including the United States. Some airlines suspended their flights to China. Though major airports have begun screening passengers for body temperature to detect passengers possibly infected by the virus. While there is still much to learn about the Wuhan outbreak, scientists do know a bit about similar coronaviruses and other respiratory illnesses like… ( Daha Fazlası...

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The safest seat?

The one in the terminal watching the plane being pushed back, and taxiing for takeoff.

Everything I've read from reputable sources is that if it's in the air, coughing, etc, it'll infect anyone inhaling it. Oh, and those hospital masks don't work well, if at all.

But, if someone self identifies they are infected, you want to be on the other end of the plane, and not breath...

airuphere 1
Or on the porch looking up.. I’m bringing plastic wrap to work this weekend to seal up front.. lmao
mbrews 1
Two safest seats are : at my couch & at my vehicle's drivers seat. Vehicle is NOT a self-igniting Tesla :)
"someone self identifies they are infected" -those people should get locked up in a glass negative pressure isolation chamber in ICU.
sharon bias 1
Using masks depends on the quality of the mask. The 99 cent masks at Home Depot aren't going to cut it. Masks that keep out fumes will generally work, because they can keep out smaller particles. What really is important is keeping your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes. Wearing super thin gloves is a reminder not to touch your face. Feeling your fingers that have gloves touch your face is an indicator you need to get to a bathroom and wash up ASAP. This would also work with the measles epidemic which has killed almost as many folks as the coronavirus
KN 90 , 95 , 99 are the recommended. Those thin 3-ply medical mask isn't all that useful.
Gloves aren't that necessary but recommended if you are concerned. Those GermX (or other hand sanitizor) is good enough.

REMEMBER, ALWAYS WIPE YOUR SEAT TABLE and SCREEN after your board the plane, do not forget the RECLINING BUTTON as well.
linbb -1
Kind of a dumb question as there is only ONE don't be on the AC or in the terminal building at all


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