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Etihad Selling 38 Aircraft For $1 Billion

Etihad has been struggling financially for quite a while, and is undergoing a restructuring, as we see them try to increase revenue and cut costs. The airline has lost $5 billion in the past three years, and is trying to turn that around. ( Daha Fazlası...

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chalet 5
Every airline based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) expanded at rates never seen anywhere in the world using their enormous surplus of funds generated by oil and natural gas sales. It appears now that they had more ambition than solid planning and the incredible amounts on losses (in the billions of US Dollarsa a year) is making them face the music of reality and sell off assets to pay off debt and reduce operating losses.
They cancelled financial support to airberlin years ago. This is the punishment they receive.
Mark Weiser 3
Hey Robert! I'm certain of one thing, you are dead wrong....I don't see the "tatters" in economies around the world that you sound strikingly similar to the prophets of doom in the US who predict we'll be gasping for the last breath of polluted air, and fighting city dwellers for a drink of water. AS long as there is money to be made, you mentioned vast surpluses of money the Middle East has wasted, easy come easy much as you liberals would like it to be true, the warming, the CO2 and the rest are pure fertilizer, now if we could just have all you guys breathe and talk to the fields of corn we'd be set!
Chris B 1
Dumping that many aircraft into the market might encourage other airlines with new aircraft on the order books to buy used and refurbish.

How long until there are more new aircraft orders cancelled?
Robert Cowling 6
How long until people realize that the global economy is headed for a crash because of the concentration of wealth at the top strangling the purchasing power of the once powerful middle class.

The way things are going, it'll be just a few years, perhaps, until the global economy is in tatters, and the .01% have thrust themselves into the 'owners of everything'. They can't, and tellingly won't support the economy that doesn't support them.

As more of them buy private planes, it makes me wonder how long 'civilian' aviation can continue. Something has to give, and it will probably be maintenance. And as passenger levels fall, more people are driving than flying, there will be less need for planes, especially larger planes, and the market will dry up. Delta probably gets it as they are countering the move by many carriers to strip entertainment from their planes. Delta is ADDING it. Keep them entertained...

I wonder how much a used A380 costs. It could make an interesting home...


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