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US passengers trapped on board aircraft in South Africa

U.S. passengers arriving on aircraft into South Africa are not being allowed to disembark, and have been told to go back home because of the coronavirus. Those who landed Friday in Johannesburg on one airline’s plane are fighting to get a flight back Friday evening, after the return flight was cancelled. Travelers from the U.S. on both a South African Airways flight from New York and a Delta aircraft from Atlanta are among those reported to be affected. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Once this is all over we need an international plan on how to go about shutting down air travel in a logical, coordinated way. The present situation where every country goes on its own without clearly thinking out the consequences makes no sense. There needs to be a step-by-step approach, first shutting down non-essential travel, but still allowing people to get home, and then tightening restrictions as needed.

The present approach where governments act as if their country was in a silo with no connection to the rest of the world is counterproductive. It makes for jam-packed airports as people try to get home, rapidly overwhelming capacities that impact sanitary conditions, and actually spreading all kinds of viruses and bacteria that are then brought home when travellers get to their final destination.
Robert Cowling 3
There IS a plan. It's voluntary, and no one has triggered it yet. The air transport industry was totally against it, saying they can 'police themselves', which obviously isn't happening. Delta cancelled (just?) ONE of its flights to Italy out of ATL, but left the other one out of JFK flying. Um, ALL flights to/from Italy should have been cancelled period...
Good to know there is a plan, but also a sad thing to see how it is not followed and too many governments acting like headless chicken.
Tom Pera 1
think the passengers in more danger of getting the bug in So. Africa then So. Africans getting the bug from the passengers... I understand the virus is already out of control there...
As of tonight, South Africa has 20 cases per one million inhabitants, putting it at the lower end of the chart.
Tom Pera 1
I don't trust the figures coming out of many countries,,,
cowboybob -2
OMG bring in the UN...they will "fix" it.
linbb -4
Why in the hell are these people traveling in the first place? Think they are special?
william baker 4
Why the hell are you commenting? Think you are special??? Time for the downvotes lol


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