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Coronavirus: Grounded planes and deserted airport terminals

Major airports around the UK have been left almost empty as demand for air travel has plummeted following the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. Various travel bans have caused many airlines to massively scale back flights, resulting in abandoned terminal buildings. ( Daha Fazlası...

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djames225 9
I can only imagine how busy the maintenance crews may be once these birds are needed again.
it is busy getting aircraft into storage. When it is over it will be very busy bringing the aircraft out of storage, inspect for any damages/corrosion issues, then follow-on checks
Lee Withers 4
Methinks that Robert needs to get some real information about the virus.
Lee, folks like Robert are suffering long term TDS.....
Once things get back to "normal," people will go back to flying, just like they did after 9-11.
Hi white knight .......I'm sure things will get back to normal .......but it's going to be a long time getting there ..........DGR
Miss looking in the sky for aircraft. Lets hope and pray this Virus will come to an end soon and everyone can gt back to work and plan their holidays abroad.
it's like looking at the end of.............
canuck44 0
Empty airports: CNN rating plummet.
Isn't that a good thing? And before anyone accuses me, no I do not watch Fox News.
I occasionally check FlightRadar24. Yesterday there were about four planes landing or taking off within 1 1/2 hours-all domestic flights. I just checked this morning and there were no active planes in sight. Weird.
djames225 2
I imagine checking local may show that, but panning out on the map and it's still fairly busy air travel. Not jammed mind you, but busy enough.
Australia looks almost deserted of flights, but odd to see 2 Qatar's leave Sydney for Doha, within 1/2 hr of each other 9:45am and 10:15am), another from Melbourne (10:35am) and a 4th from Perth (10:45am)
Flightaware shows same level of busy
I have no sympathy for ANY of the Airlines. Because of their TREATMENT of Passengers for the last 15 YEARS! DISGUSTING!!

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KoolerKT -1
Make sure you say your prayers.
Hi KT . For me , the images of row upon row of mothballed aircraft , not only speaks to how serious our present situation is , but also speaks to just how long it may last . I have never seen anything like this , and it is not just British Airways and Delta , it is every airline on the planet . It is just so creepy and so sad ... And saying my Prayers just might be the right thing to do ......Thank-you KT .........DGR


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