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FCC Walks Back Plan To Allow In Flight Cell Service

America’s Federal Communication Commission has ended proceedings that looked at allowing passengers to make in-flight cell phone calls on domestic United States flights ( Daha Fazlası...

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Highflyer1950 34
If someone wants to text while airborne (with the clicking sound turned off) who cares. However, if that same person wants to talk for hours, annoying everybody bloody way!
Mike Mohle 4
And alerts (bells, etc.) also turned off, from boarding till deplaning....
ThinkingGuy 14
15 years ago I would have strongly opposed allowing cell phone usage on flights, for the reasons others here have mentioned, but nowadays hasn't texting pretty much supplanted voice calls for most people? On the other hand, there will always be those inconsiderate few who will spend an entire flight talking into their phone at the top of their lungs.
Mike Mohle 23
Bad idea to allow voice calls all the way around. The number of people getting hauled off flights and cited for not wearing masks at the present time will be nothing compared to the disruptions and fights occurring when people are yapping on their phones for hours! If people are that important (and inconsiderate to others) they can charter an airplane and yap away.
Jamar Jackson 12
Noo cell phones. It would lead to boxing matches high in the flightlevels. Text services only
jptq63 3
I think many here miss an obvious problem (and while not against cell phone use from a technical / aircraft communication systems interference issue, I dislike it due to human problem(s) other have already mentioned); if internet service is offered, people will just have Skype, Zoom, and other types of voice communications / video call meetings, etc. Sorry So & So, I am not using my cell phone (i.e. I am complying with the law), just my computer….
at what point was this anythng other than a dumb idea let loose into the public consciousness? I visualize typical rude passengers having to let the whole airplane their innermost deep thougts with their equally dumb friends. THere will be less need for stewardesses and more need for boxing referees.
Mike Mohle 1
Um.....Flight Attendants.
ianmooney 6
If you are so important that you cant go on a commercial flight without using your phone - firstly take a solid look at your lifestyle (stop, smell the roses and enjoy life for a bit) and secondly, take a private plane and stop annoying everyone around you. Obviously your big important job must be paying you so much that you / you’re company can afford it - if not, go back to my first point and evaluate again.
Carl Spade 2
Good idea. We really don't need yet another annoyance at 30k feet.
narayan 2
I fully approve the use of texting and Morse code communications on commercial flights.
Mike Mohle 5
No smoke signals though -- would freak everyone out.
And voice too, on aircraft with props only.
ADXbear 3
Please don't allow phone calls inflight.. the annoying noise. Would be terrible, not to mention safety not allowing announcements etc..
mmc7090 4
3 watts times 150 is the issue. Plus the din of ambient noise. Just give it a rest and get a life away from these snowflake social pacifiers.
Tom Bruce 2
seems we're all agreed...terrible idea...
Good. It is bad enough we have to put up with people's dirty feet almost in our faces, but having to listen to 100 inane conversations is sure to set off someone's air rage. It already is bad enough for FAs not getting people to pay attention to pre-flight briefings, imagine them trying to do such over all those phone calls.
J B 1
In terms of passenger disruption, not clear to me what diff cell service from wifi services like Skype used on the airline's paid network - I'd like to see them all limited to text. The article suggests it's still uncertainty about cell network interference and safety.
I can only imagine the nightmare of little Brittany shrieking next to me in business class. Or Winthrop playing the latest shooter up games with his friends on the ground. All at full speaker phone volume.
djames225 1
What starts out as 2 passengers, sitting beside each other a seat apart, yakking on their phones. That, in-turn, turns into a yelling match to see who can outvoice the other. No way.
WiFi enabled flight mode, with notifications off, is all that is needed. If cell provider doesnt have WiFi texting, get a dang app for it.
SkyAware123 2
You must have never heard about voip. Nobody uses that to call on flights either.
djames225 1
Yes I know about voip as it is used in the office. What has that got to do with texting?
A couple drinks of booze in the wrong passenger sitting next to a yakker, and it'll be mayhem. Hopefully common sense will prevail with regard to this.
Mike Mohle 1
Government has TONS of common sense.....
Thank Christ!
Pat Cook 0
I'm seated in 28D; I could call up my buddy in 2B to bring me a scotch and soda. Cell calls in flight sounds like a heck of deal. After to or three times, I probably couldn't text. ;-)


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