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United Airlines Hints At Furloughs Again From April

United Airlines has indicated that, from April, furloughs will happen again after the money runs out again. ( Daha Fazlası...

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ken young 1
According to the story in the link provided below, it would appear US Based carriers would have seen declining margins in 2019 and made cuts or other decisions to bolster their cash positions. Instead, many carriers, along with other large firms, decided to boost stock prices by engaging in stock buy backs. As a result, the carriers had far less cash to deal with the slow down in business due to the pandemic.
lets hope they learn something from the fatalities god bless there families
Tom Bruce 1
2021 will be tough on the airlines... don't think travel will recover until 2022 or later...sad for employees...
Ken Hardy 1
I agree, 2021 will still be a tough year and even when domestic travel picks back up to a decent level, International travel will be slow to return for several years and that's where the big Airlines made most of their money. Its a new world emerging in many Industries but especially the commercial aircraft world where China will add a third player to Boeing and Airbus
Randy Manning -3
I for one will not get on an airline wearing a dam mask the whole time, I'm not spending my money on those mandates when the virus survival rate is 99.7 % and death 0.005 % plus United, Delta, and Continental are part of the DEEP STATE. yes, i said it.
Could we get it in writing that when you come down with Covid-19 you will take no medication or hospital space?
How about members of your family that you infect, you should give them copies of "your" mandate.
It is called a Health Care Directive. Please check the box that says: Keep me comfortable and allow natural death to occur. I do not want any medical interventions used to try to extend my life. I do not want to receive nutrition and fluids by tube or other medical means.
ken young 1
Deep state? Stop it.
Ken Hardy -2
I don't think the airlines are part of any deep state BUT there is a deep state made up of career politicians, Liberal Media, unelected bureaucrats and the people like Big Tech that support that structure all for their own gain.


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