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America has a Sanctioned GPS Problem

It is not just the kids who are jamming GPS signals. - Thank you Tobias! But the US Gov't is at it as well. Well that makes me comfortable... Abstract from IEEE Spectrum January 2021, See URL "Early one morning last May, a commercial airliner was approaching El Paso International Airport, in West Texas, when a warning popped up in the cockpit: “GPS Position Lost.” The pilot contacted the airline’s operations center and received a report that the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range,… ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 6
One thing that I do not understand is the fact that he considered an Alternate vs Flying the plane! What is wrong with shooting a Visual Approach... It is good practice for when you really need it! Systems fail both in the air and on the ground. Be prepared for the unexpected! The captain mentioning he is concerned with CFIT... Geez.. Unable to fly a Visual Approach confidently is concerning... Why is he a pilot?
Charlie Gibbs 3
This is nothing new. I've been seeing NOTAMs regarding GPS jamming for a couple of years, and they're quite specific as to areas affected at various altitudes, and the times when jamming is active. I read NOTAMs before I fly, study my missed approach procedures, and pick an alternate with an ILS. Doesn't everybody? Sounds like tabloid journalism to me.
hal pushpak 2
I'm sounding like a broken record (CD). Bring back LORAN as e-LORAN. The antennas and buildings are still standing. Very hard to jam the LW band.
tchartman 3
Well, according to the article, NOTAMs do not do a good job of detailing where the interference is impacting. Interesting stuff anyway.
Torsten Hoff 3
That’s what NOTAMs are for. Read them.
While he is doing his homework maybe you should read the list of predefined queries on the FAA NOTAM search site.
ADXbear 1
Faa better stop decom of VOR stations, maybe put them back into service! Or get dedicated GPS SATS launched right quick.
Its been discussed and we'll know that GPS are military toys first other users are on their own, the. FAA decided after long debate to allow GPS into aviation navigation and approaches at locations that didnt have standard precision and non precision approaches.. it took off from there..

I hope we can maintain our civilian safety as well as have pilots brush up on their VOR work!
Desde que me llego nunca a funcionado el gps Mlat da error ninguna solución con soporte


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