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Race in Chicago: United Airlines to Prioritize Diversifying Pilots

United Airlines is on a mission to put more people of color and women in the cockpit of an airplane. NBC 5’s Christian Farr reports ( More...

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canuck44 19
All very nice but displacing merit for "diversity" is a crock leading to quotas where lesser talented individuals are promoted on the basis of chromosome array or sking color. Both groups have some talented folks but when goal numbers are artificially established the bureaucrats are forced to cut corners and/or lower standards. We are seeing this now in medicine and the military. Besides the public those harmed the most ae the truly talented minorities who then get looked on as quota promotions.

It is only a matter of time before United begins virtual signalling by insisting on hiring other identifiable "minorities". Transgenders and gays are under representative in cockpits so undoubtedly will need to have a hiring quota too.
EMK69 4
Well, put. After reading the article, but before reading your comment, I was going to fire off a similar post. Having spent 28-years in the Military I have witnessed this way too often. I can't imagine what my fellow CO are doing in today's military given a certain requirement to "employee" those who can't figure out their gender.
jmilleratp 3
Women have already been getting chosen for hiring way before men for at least two decades now.
Coalora 1
FedEx did this a while ago. Ended up with a pilot named Auburn Calloway, you might remember him.
sparkie624 1
Agree, Getting the Plots seat because of Race and not vs merits of skill is dangerous.... Kind of like a 5000 flight hour 172 captain carrying mail to tenbucktwo gets the job because he is purple and not a more common color... UGH.
saso792 13
United Airlines has made the "do not use/do not watch list", along with the NFL, NBA and MLB, for a lot of paying customers. When I fly, I want the best pilots and we all deserve the best pilots, not someone there on a quota system. United and Delta are leading the way to the bottom on how to compromise safety just for a little face time on the news.
befreefilm 3
United NO MORE
befreefilm 2
That might be what they are going for.
Safety .. be damned
Ed Chapman 0
Two words: Meryl Getline.
Spencer Hoefer -2
Divide and Conquer
Daniel Bailey -9
All I hear is a bunch of whiny boomers in this comments section who can’t accept that for decades people have been excluded by a lot of factors. United has said time and again, no one is being denied a job that can pass the requirements and meet the standards and everyone who is offered a job will be competing a a skilled pilot. The ONLY difference is that the 5% & 10% of women and minority pilots in the airline industry is too low and showing these communities that there is an avenue to achieving a career in commercial aviation exists. They still have to do the hard work required. This will open up the career to those who have been shut out for too long. So, whine away, you sound like a bunch of snowflakes who know they couldn’t compete in a level playing field. A good pilot is a good pilot and I’ve flown with every type of person. I’ve also flown with some who should NOT be in an airline seat but are because daddy worked for the airline before them.. it goes both ways.
Please downvote to your heart’s content.. it will reinforce my convictions that the boomer mentality is f$&king tiring and outdated. Cheers!
DANIEL..what is now called "diversty" in hiring,whether it be for an airline or a hi tech company or any other field of endeavor, used to be called a required "quota" ,due to the equal employment opportunity act of many years ago..the same has applied to who was and was not being accepted into colleges and universities for various programs..i am not sure why you feel the need to call all of the commenters on this item,"whiny boomers"..i am of the opinion that no matter what the job may be,particularly in areas such as aviation,that the people hired or promoted should actually hold the qualifications for the position..and for pilots that would be the training,number of hours flown,what types of aircraft,previous companies worked for,educational background etcetera,and NOT whether you father was a captain with some airline or other,or whether you were a female,nor a person of the way, i worked for a major airline for many years, and we had a few excellent female pilots,and one of the finest and most professional pilots i ever met was a black gentleman,now retired, who was frequently called on by the faa to assist in airline issues,and also by major news a pilot, i am sure you are aware of the expense of getting flight training and hours prior to being hired..the pilots who used to be hired were former military and had received instruction when enlisted..those people do not apply with the airlines any longer,male or female..i hope you have a great day sir as you seem to have some issues....
godutch 3
Daniel, whether we should debate the use of the word 'excluded' or not (years ago, women WILLLINGLY stayed home and took care of the household/children). But to obtain parity or maintain 'racial/sex objectives, I'm not willing to bet my life, or my family's life on substandard talent being pushed to the front of the line (again, whether that happens or not, we'll have to see. So far, it HAS happened in the military and many industries...).


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