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Watch a plane fly through a tunnel -- and set a Guinness World Record at the same time

The 41-year-old Italian stunt pilot on Saturday successfully maneuvered a custom-modified Zivko Edge 540 race plane through the twin Çatalca tunnels along the Northern Marmara Highway in Turkey. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Dave K 5
And he had a parachute. 😂😂😂
No problem if you have "tunnel vision" :) but the poor guy went through a red light.
Cleffer 6
Couldn't imagine hitting a cross-wind coming out of that first tunnel and having to line up for the second. What a stud. Nice piloting.

What a list of firsts. Glad he was able to pull it off.
MrTommy 3
And OF COURSE, it was Red Bull sponsored. Red Bull sponsors all the crazy (but cool) stuff.
Looked like something straight out of a GTA or Ace Combat game. Badass!
You hit the nail on the head, Jeremy. That looked like somthin' out of a action movie!
Rene Kunz 4
Real newsworthy 'stupid' stunt to say the least.
What a stupid, useless achievement. To acknowledge it with a record certification is simply an invitation for others to try equally moronic stunts.
sharon bias 3
Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it. Wonder how much they had to pay the Turkish government to shut down the highway?
Jay David 7
But the point was that he didn't know for sure that he could do it. I think I understand your point of view, but for me, it's just so "human", I have to love it. Homo sapiens love to push things to the edge, just to see what happens. It's a tendency that is at the core of our success as a species, it's experimentation. Experimentation leads to discovery. It's not always good, or fruitful, but many of the really good things we do for each other (medicine, surgery, firefighting, disaster rescues) have been informed by the result of someone doing something everyone else thought was crazy--at first. Take for example the physician who put a catheter into his own arm vein and then showed it could be advanced into the heart; he was nearly fired for it, because it was so nuts, but countless lives have been prolonged and bettered by the diagnostic techniques which were developed as a result of that demonstration. And if we weren't like this, there surely would not be any brain surgery or airplanes.
MrTommy 4
Who cares? It was a cool accomplishment.
And the point of this was to.......
I wonder who bankrolled this.
Did you not notice the Red Bull logo?
should be named James Bond !
Might of tipped the scale on risk assessment and risk management but they decided to go for it and it was very cool. The fun will only stop when there is a fatal crash, but that is the risk they are willing to take. Many stunt men have died over the years, but they continue to do it, and we continue to expect it in the movies.


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