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It’s Official: British Airways Is Bringing Back 4 A380s Next Month

British Airways has now confirmed the return of the Airbus A380. ( Daha Fazlası...

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jeff slack 9
It is a fabulous way to fly.
Better more in-depth articles are available without having to access simplefleas.
Mark Kortum 6
My last pre-pandemic international flight returning to London from Hong Kong in 2020 was on one. Nice they are coming back. Too bad the 747s are not.
Could it be that someone at BA ran the numbers and discovered it is more profitable to fly 500+ passengers on a 380 than on two flights of 350s. Apparently reports of the demise of the 380 have been exagerated (apologies to Mark Twain)✈️
Excellent news; a worth evolution beyond the old 747-400 fleet. With today's USA announcement about vaccinated travel, we'll be booking with BA over the weekend for 2022.
Um, any delusion that weak humans have ANY protection by a Federal Mandate proves that they are not only physically, they are also mentally inferior (and thus, ChinaFlu is a blessing, making the human race stronger). If it only was faster-acting...
Hope they fly to Sydney so I can fly on this Beast , this will also bring Qantas to re think their use of the Whale .
Qantas cabin crew in London are to be re-trained on the 380 in anticipation of its return.
Love the A380!!! In Madrid Barajas Airport there are around 6 A380 of BA stored due to this pandemic. Hope those birds will be back in service again.
Top two flights ever - Last United 747 LHR - SFO Biz upper deck, It was party all the there!. And Lufthansa A-380 First LAX - Munich UNREAL !! :) When the FA asked in the morning, in her perfect German accent "I make the eggs fresh" yea of course I'll have breakfast :/
mdburd 1
I hope they upgrade the FC product to something competitive.
Currently BA First is the best business class in the air.... :-/
I took one BA A380 flight from LAX to LHR a couple of years ago and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Nice cabin (business class) that was comfortable and quiet, and attentive crew. I know there's better, but I have no complaints.
ive only seen these (saw one of the first ones doing winter testing in Norway before they went into service). Itd be supercool to fly one to the UK.
steve kent 1
The only new route confirmed for the A380’s is LHR-DXB. Dallas is rumoured but not confirmed yet.


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