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Delta flight to Los Angeles diverted to Dallas due to 'customer disturbance'

A "customer disturbance" aboard a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles resulted in the flight being diverted to Dallas on Monday, according to Delta. The incident occurred on Delta Flight 365 that took off from Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. ( Daha Fazlası...

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gusneer 4
"Customer disturbance"? Is it possible to forecast that? Can you see it on a SIGMET?
Paul Miller 1
It seems that every single day now ? there is ANOTHER idiot acting like a total jerk and making "US" the other traveling members of the public end up paying for it with diversions and delays to our flights !!!! So Maybe we should have signs posted in the terminals telling these clowns IF you wish to act like an idiot ? then please do it BEFORE entering the Aircraft and in so doing save all the rest of us a lot of problems and let us have a peaceful and on time arrival at our destination.
sparkie624 4
Stocking Duct tape on planes for Flight Crew use is starting to sound like a Good Idea... LOL :)
Or, as Sam Gamgee (Lord of the Rings) has said, always carry a length of rope. You never know when you might need it
Another idea: fine the idiot the total amount of airfare (taxes included) for all paying customers on the flight and comp their flight in full for the inconvenience at the expense of the disruptive passenger. Perhaps they will rethink their actions. Perhaps.
Nice idea. But as I've said before, these idiots would have trouble putting together a hundred bucks let alone thousands? Give them 6 months in jail, no time off for good behaviour and all this crap comes to an end….quickly., and they get to brag about a criminal record to their next employer!
PS, and place the passenger on a permanent no fly list across all air companies.
Mike Webb 3
That's the answer. Can't understand why all airlines have not already done this.
bdarnell 1
Exactly. "Hope you enjoy driving, because that's your life now".


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