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Travelers Heading to LaGuardia Airport Can Skip the Security Line for $15

The new B-FAST lane, which is available in the airport's Terminal B, gives passengers the option of purchasing an express pass to skip to the front of the line of a dedicated security lane. ( More...

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Mark Kortum 8
If everybody buys one the regular lane will be faster.
Wayne Fox 0
The airline should just make this a normal charge on the original purchase and your gaol would be reached. It's all about the money.
Jim Allen 5
How different is this than TSA Pre except this looks to be a one time only shot where TSA Pre is for an entire year? It’s just a front of the line pass at Disney/Universal and cheap at the price. You’re still hitting the same body scanners. As someone that almost always gets pulled off the line at the scanners.. I’ll drive thank you.
Peter McGrath 3
I just renewed my TSA Pre-check and it's good for 7 years
Tim Eichman 1
Pre-check is only good for 5 years. That being said, if you get Global Entry, you get PreCheck included. Yea, it's $100 for 5 years versus the $70/$85 fee for PreCheck only, but you get the bonus of expedited service at passport control (and at Newark, they have a Global Entry line for luggage checks too... don't recall if JFK did...).
LarryQB 12
This is a terrible idea and just makes travel more complicated and elitest
ADXbear 6
Drive... or do zoom... so a terrorist can pay 15 to get through the line quicker.. what's the point of security anymore buy big business
George Pepe 3
They’re not getting through without being checked, they are skipping to the front of the line. The headline mislead me too.
dnorthern 5
So you can buy completely inverted prime access to the security theater.

This is a slap on the face to frequent biz travelers who should be expedited without having to buy one of those privacy invading services
Tim Eichman 2
Frequent fliers should already have PreCheck which has additional benefits (not removing shoes or belts, leaving laptops and TSA-approved liquids and gels in bags). This B-FAST doesn't vet who you are--it just gets you to the head of the "regular" line...
Jared Smith 3
So a private entity is controlling public access to government officials? On top of that, profiting by the control of access to government officials? Looks like a legal issue to me.
Jim Allen 15
Members of Congress already skip the line entirely. They’re fine with setting up rules for us that don’t impact them.
The combo of TSA Pre and Clear crushes the line almost every time. A small investment for a big return in time and convenience.
Please how to control terrorists if eny)
mike kart 1
Another "brilliant" idea by the snobs at LaGuardia and with tacit approval by federal officials in DC.
Tobias Heller 1
Having recently travelled through LaGuardia, the B Fast service is much more like Clear. Because of this, Clear is not offered at terminal B. The regular security line was long when I travelled (A few weeks ago on a Friday) but it moved quickly and I don't think it's worth paying the $15. Just get pre-check. One more thing - B Fast does not replace a step of the security process like Clear does. It's just a fast pass.
D. W. 1
Great! The easiest off-site place to buy them? The Saudi embassy in downtown Manhattan. It isn't even necessary to be a Saudi.

More: they're actually selling them at a discount, and in books, if you can say: "Allahu Akbar."
Another "TAX" when going to the airport. Another way for the airport to make even more money.

And what happens when most people purchase this? Are they going to offer a Skip-Skip Pass and charge twice as much?!
msetera -1
Is the left calling this racist yet?
Wayne Fox -1
As a member of the so called "left", I would say that this will effect everyone not having that extra $15 to spare to save a little time at the checkpoints. Those of us on the "left" do worry about all those who don't have the extra $$ to afford this luxury, that includes many of my "right" leaning friends and family. Airlines want to squeeze every busk they can from their customers.
Justthefacs -2
Really getting ridiculous. I am better than you because I spent $15.


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