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UK’s Jet2 Airline Removes Mask Mandate On Some Flights

Passengers on Jet2 flights operating within England and/or Northern Ireland are no longer legally required to wear face masks on board their aircraft. ( More...

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Jeffrey Bue 10
I think everyone is pretty much "done" with the mask mandates. I mean, if people still want to wear them there's really nothing stopping them.
Rico van Dijk 10
Good! First of hopefully many to stop the nonsense!
amacnabb 6
Great news!

Hopefully, the US airlines will follow suit soon, given that masking provides dubious results at best, according to long-established [actual] science.

I, as well as many people I know, have refused to fly commercially, because of these mask requirements. We hope that airlines will make masking optional, as it should be.
Gary Ondrey 6
Way overdue ! Come on the rest of you airlines... do the right thing and end this stupidity. We've all had enough of the lies !
MrTommy 4
None of this madness had to happen in the first place. It had nothing to do with health, and everything to do with control. Basically, a test run for the next major 'scare'.
avionik99 3
YAY!! About freakin time! All airlines should remove the Mandate Now! Those masks as it turns out did little to nothing to stop the spread but sheeple were forced to wear them anyways. The liberal lawmakers completely lied when they claimed they would follow the science, instead they followed the fearmongering power hungry, demanding their 5 min of fame idiots!
Gary Fonternel 3
Exactly! Well said!
Chris B 2
Based on my current London visit, in flight everyone compliant. On the ground few masks in sight as the UK has completely removed any requirement.
However, it’s still infecting people at a rapid rate. Multiple people testing positive that I was meant to see…in person. But cannot


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