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RCAF CF-18 Demo Jet has a bird strike during the airshow

Royal Canadian CF-18 Demo Jet (188794) met up with a small bird of some sort and ingested it during the Cuban 8 maneuver which resulted in a loud "pop" sound which some thought he may have gone supersonic on accident. Those listening on the Airboss Frequency during the show reportedly heard the Airboss tell the demo pilot to "knock it off" and which the pilot responded "Hornet 1 bugging out we had a bird strike" and then he burned off fuel with only one engine and… ( More...

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avionik99 5
Well thats an engine change for the mechanics for sure.
Chris Bryant 4
The engine change is no big deal. The fun is when whoever (it was AIMD in the Navy) has to disassemble and start taking apart the compressor. I've watched that after a vulture strike. It was ugly and they got out the big hose.
SorenTwin 2
Supersonic during a Cuban 8? That airboss needs to do some reading.
Lee Withers 1
o key said he was supersonic. so sit was not said he was supersonic. Some thought that he going into super. They were probably people who wouldn’t know anyway. 
James Driskell 1
Tough on the bird!
Lee Withers 1
I don’t think it had much opportunity to ponder its’ fate.


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