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Boeing’s plan to make 737 engineers return to office earns both scorn and praise

Boeing’s latest back-to-office move — this time for its backlogged 737 operation — is getting a now-familiar pushback from affected workers, but also some grudging praise from at least one industry expert. On Wednesday, Jason Clark, vice president for fabrication and supply chain engineering, told 737 program engineers who are fully or partly remote to be ready to return to their Renton offices four days a week, according to employees who attended the online meeting. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 10
I've I'm Jason Clark, I say that we're getting people back in the office because the market is demanding that an engaged staff requires on-site, real-time engagement. Boeing needs to show their customers they will do whatever it takes to return to market leadership in aerospace. Of course, putting engineering back in charge of production, product and quality without financial compromise would be a good idea as well. How long has it been since a 787 has been delivered?
This is the right descision. The Companies that have employee interfacing FtoF will succeed more then those who do not. Also Open Concept offices should be a thing of the past. If Office/Work space is an issue then look into remote work for those who are likely not needed in the office/Factory/Field everyday of the week then work space can be shared. Humans innovate FtoF then via electronic media. Also Business travel will likely nearly disappear but there will always be a need to go to the other Work space. Facing a issue FtoF so the problem solvers can actually touch or face physical issue and touch it. In short to observe with ones own eyes, ears, hands and body then to see it through an electronic eye. Time to go back to Work/Office/Factory/Testing Field.
Dean Brossman 3
The engineers need to be in the factory to work with the production people in person. I know it is more productive to show someone a problem than it is to email them about a problem. I also know it is more comfortable to work from home and with no commute. hopefully the two can find a happy medium. The 4 days a week in the office seems to be a good starting point.
linbb 2
About time too much is lost by doing work at home. Its bad enough trying to navigate the businesses which use home biased people for there call centers. Many are probably hooked up to more than one business as many seem to just have stock answers that never get you anywhere.


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