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Pilots performing aborted landing “distracted” by cabin crew continuously pressing Emergency Alert Call button

The pilots of a British airline were forced to perform an aborted landing after a passenger left their seat and collapsed into the aisle shortly before touchdown but were then ‘distracted’ by the cabin crew who continuously pressed an emergency alert call button because they didn’t know what to do with the passenger. ( More...

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Bayouflier 7
I get that there were obvious issues with the cabin crew, but my first concern would be the pilots' decision to abort a landing on final due to a cabin call. I can't think of a single "back end' problem that could be better handled by doing a go around and prolonging the flight.
William Ableman 3
I absolutely agree 100%... All the problems I can think of would be better handled by getting on the ground as so as possible.
Eric Dillinger 2
If the article is correct, I suspect this is why they aborted the landing.

"Passengers and cabin crew were seated for landing when a passenger left their seat and dropped to the floor with just three minutes before touchdown. The cabin crew correctly reported that the plane was no longer ‘secure’ for landing and the Captain decided to perform a ‘go around’ or aborted landing to give the crew time to investigate what was happening."

Question for pilots: If the cabin crew reported a person was not seated due to a medical emergency would they have landed with not everybody seated?
Stephen Donnelly 3
The article does not state the name of the airline. How convenient!
EMK69 5
Training, training then retraining until you have it down with eyes closed.
Highflyer1950 19
That’s why airlines have an “in charge” head flight attendant that takes control of any cabin situation? The in-charge is always aware of the aircrafts’ current position and in the last few minutes of flight sometimes it’s better to just continue the flight to touchdown and deal with the issue on the ground where emergency equipment services can be called. A panicky cabin crew who loses situational awareness at a critical point of the flight definitely needs further training or a different line of work?
avionik99 5
Idiot cabin crew!! They all need to be let go! They have all been trained to handle these situations but clearly acted out of lack of backbone.
btweston 3
Damn that Mountain Dew is really kicking in this morning.


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