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Airlines Issue Flight Waivers As Winter Storm Kassandra Brings Major Snowfall Across the U.S.

A new winter storm has dumped up to a foot of snow in some areas across the south, bringing travel disruptions and airline alerts in its wake. Winter storm Kassandra dropped as much as a foot of snow in northern Arkansas on Tuesday with another 7.2 inches measured in Lubbock, TX, according to The Weather Channel. But the storm isn’t done yet and is expected to track into the eastern Great Lakes and move into the Northeast, according to the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center. Snow… ( More...

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Tflys1 6
Am I the only one out here that thinks naming winter storms was the dumbest thing ever done?
bentwing60 -2
Amen, and I have ceased watching the Abrams, Cantori fear monger machine. Relevant link below,
linbb 0
I understand its climate change but one problem which keeps coming up but very under reported is the past. And the past is left out of any conversation that there was a climate change which caused a huge ice melt then things turned cold again. He may not have been totally right but people like you forget the past. CNN is a real piece of new work, NOT, slanted with incorrect statements.
No. It is nuts!


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