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Lufthansa Names its A380 Routes

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — The German flag carrier Lufthansa has confirmed plans to bring back the Airbus A380, with the first destinations for the aircraft being in the United States. ( More...

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daniel van cauteren 6
great news because these were very nice planes !
Alan Hewat 6
I chose to fly Lufthansa from Frankfurt to HK and back before Covid precisely because they used the A380, a very comfortable plane even in Economy.
Bruce Abels 1
I hope they are comfortable because I have a SYD to LAX coming up in a couple weeks, and I am really looking forward to it!
David Folkard 1
It can depend on the carrier. I flew Emirates A380 in economy and it was vastly better then Qantas A380 premium economy (both on 9hr flights). Strangely Qantas seemed to think their premium economy seat designed by Recaro was a feature. My lasting impression on the Qantas flight was that I was in discomfort before take off the seat was so hard.
Steve Pearce 1
I did the same. BHX to Miami via Frankfurt on a serene A380. My colleagues decided, in their wisdom, to get the sardine tin 747 from Heathrow, setting off the night before (driving past BHX en route to Heathrow), arriving at the same time looking particularly dishevelled. I definitely won that one. Cheaper price, too!
srobak 3
This doesn't make sense.... they have been flying the 380 into ORD and MIA for sure over the past year.
Steve Hoker 3
You may be thinking of the 747-8, as all the 380's have been in storage..
srobak 1
Negative. I am quite able to discern between a 380 and a 74. Stood on east side of the tri-state at ORD and watched one come in about 6 mos ago (it was a daily flight), and 3 mos ago took a picture of one sitting at their usual gate on the east end of MIA.
George Stromeyer 2
As a privileged business class flier, I avoided the 380.... The upper deck business section is so large and the cabin so quiet that you feel like you are on a large bus and hear lots more noise (volume of activity around you plus low white noise). Also the flight attendants are very busy, lots of traffic in the aisles, etc.
The best for me remains the upper deck of the few 747-8 still flying. Small cabin, dedicated flight attendants=fast service and plenty of storage space for the window seats. Almost feels like being on a corporate jet...

FincaMirador 2
The A380 is a terrific airplane, comfortable and quiet. Flying from MIA to LHR on a BAW A380 in premium economy, I slept so well that when I woke up facing my female seatmate, I thought "who are you and what have we done?".


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