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FAA: NOTAM System that Caused January Failure Cannot Be Fully Upgraded Before 2030

WASHINGTON — Aviation authorities in the U.S. are facing criticism for failing to update the critical-alert system that malfunctioned last month, resulting in thousands of flight disruptions. The delay in the system's modernization is being seen as a potential risk to passenger safety. ( More...

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David Beattie 15
There are way too many NOTAMS issued anyway. You can thank the Lawyers. I was flying into Sundance OK and had to listen to a litany of inop light bulbs on various windmills in a field of hundreds. When I used to fly transoceanic, I got dozens of pages of NOTAMS about nitnoy little defects at airports that were not even close to my OTS track. There are so many that the important ones are buried and overlooked.
Tim Dyck 1
Information overload causes more incidents then it prevents
G Bear 11
The complete absence of leadership and ability at the FAA is appalling.. The corruption (Boeing) and abject stupidity are stunning..
Tom Messer 4
Diversity trumps merit. Bingo!
strickerje 1
What's this have to do with Boeing? This is all on the FAA.
Thomas Heard 11
Time to find new IT staff and managers.
tcavin 4
government only hires crap IT
David Beattie 4
Maybe we could turn it over to SWA.
Stephen Martin 2
Rob Palmer 1
I used to work at FAA Hq in Washington, and when I was there we had the best IBM service. When a newer 360-40 went down, next morning VPs and engineers were down there from Armonk N.Y.(IBM Hq) to fix. They could not diagnose; heard them say "Let's send it out to Santa Monica and X-ray it." IBM immediately gave us a substitute 360-40. At that time NOTAMS were sent from this machine.
Rob Palmer 3
When I worked FAA Federal never leased computers, but purchased them. COBOL was created by government scientists and Grace Hopper for universal use. They did not want computer-specific coding which might result in a vendor closing down, leaving them with code unusable on other machines. Hence government required any computer they purchased to support COBOL so existing programming could be run on any other company's computers. This is all smart to me, and it worked!
Jim Allen 4
Maybe fund the ones you have? Can’t honestly say I know.. I know all of IT across the board is cost cutting - especially back end infrastructure. Also keep in mind it has to be certified- that’s a good 6-9 months right there.
Michael Dealey 0
How about we just divert some or all of the 100 Billion earmarked for Ukraine to our own infrastructure? We always seem to have plenty of money for whatever is important to the current administration. Sadly, that never seems to be the needs of our own country.
Alan Dahl 2
No thanks comrade...
jim hanson 17
The U.S. won a World War in less than 4 years--starting from virtually nothing to building training and operational bases--training recruits, ramping up factories, designing modern weapons, deploying troops worldwide, and coordinating with our allies.

And today--we can't even fix a software problem in SEVEN YEARS? This says a lot about what we've become!
Jim Allen 5
Do you realize how much WWII cost? Look on xkcd for a visual reference. You throw that much money at problems, they disappear.
Michael Dealey 3
If you haven't figured it out, nothing works because someone doesn't want it to work.
David Beattie 2
Gee, if we could just have another war. Oh, never mind. We’ve had at least a dozen since WW2.
Edward Bardes 2
And there's one that's going on right now in Ukraine.
Greg S 12
Pretty sad state of affairs.
Dr Stephen Vadas 6
Give it to a private software house and they will have it done by the end of this year. The government can't do anything on time or in cost.
Alan Dahl 2
Naw, they will outsource it to subcontractors which will outsource it to sub-subcontractors and nothing will ever get done. You'll end up with the few people who know what they are doing keeping things barely going while the "cheaper" contractors run up the billable hours without ever delivering anything usable because that keeps the contract going for a longer time.
Dave Mathes 5
...really, that headline doesn't surprise me...
SmittySmithsonite 4
If you think something can't possibly be screwed up, just give it to the government ...
Mark Skipper 4
2030, you have to be joking, it can be done in 6 months
Michael Dealey 3
Why not give the job to a company that already has experience in delivering short messages to millions of people instantly? If only there were an app for that. ... oh wait..
Bill Simpson 3
Has anyone checked the METARS system?
ChrisRisley 3
Do it now or you are fired.
Jon Schwartz 7
The more you centralize authority and bureaucratize it, The more it costs you to do less and less
Surely, there are a couple of kids in their parent's basements that can fix it before then.
eyeguy2020 4
Its all about the $$$.
Joe Keifer 5
Throw a bunch of money at a problem and hope. It's the government way!
Mark Kortum 5
Adding one important modifier to your statement: "Throw a bunch of (other people's money) at a problem. . . "
Dennis Stockton 2
Fake news. Mayor Pete will have it fixed before summer.
Michael Dealey 2
Maybe Phil Washington (the administration's new pick to lead the FAA) will be able to sort it out.
That is, if he doesn't go to jail over the current corruption case he's involved in.
ChrisRisley 3
Do it now or you are fired. Is there no one that defends the taxpayer?
chugheset 7
His name is Donald Trump and you see how that worked out.
Jim Allen 7
There are some.. but the bureaucracy kills them.
uapilot 2
I know….let’s put this same government in charge of EVERYTHING since they do such a smashing job at the stuff they do already!
uapilot -2
Sooooo very happy that while this is happening Pete-ey ButtJudge is out supporting diversity to counter all the highways that were built to clearly support white supremacy!! LoL 😂
Chris B 1
Here's the last time Notam were updated.

tcavin 1
don't make NOTAM physical notification for commercial traffic....accept verbal confirmations.
Joe M. 1
Maybe if the FAA better organized the data into something similar like the Dewey decimal system and plotted it graphically via a GIS system, it would be more intuitive and possibly (depending on the mission type) can easily be ignored. If I'm flying VFR day, why would I need to know that a taxiway marker is out?

While we're on pipe dream stuff can the FAA encode the ATIS as a digital sub carrier to allow capable radios to receive it and display as text (a light version of ACARS, more like how HD Radio works)
George Gould 1
The FAAs budget for 2023 is over 23 Billion dollars and the can`t get the NOTAM problem resolved before 2030. They all need to go back to school.
Silent Bob 1
And here I thought they fixed all the problems when they changed the M to “Missions”.
Gadsden Gause 1
We have asked the FAA to list NOTAMs by importance for many many years but the continue to list " the light on tower 5 miles away is inoperative" but leave "runway 26 is closed" way down in the NOTAM list.
Shenghao Han 1
Something should be updated 10 years ago...
I share my fellow aviators frustration at the incomprehensible mess the NOTAM system has become. And then there is the problem of our dear FAA suddenly suddenly throwing TFR's at us. My practice these days is to file IFR or at least request "Flight Following".
Joseph Ranauro -2
To busy attending classes mandated by mayor pete


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