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Florida's Governor Meets With ANA and Japan Airlines: Future Flights on The Horizon?

Florida's governor met with executives from All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines to discuss future direct flights between Florida and Japan. ( More...

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matt jensen 4
Long flight for three day trip. Doesn't Japan have a Disney playground?
Is this guy for real? Given this, and other past statements on a variety of topics, the Gov doesn't appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer
jeff slack 0
Hey Ron?

Just so you know they will be coming to see Disney..
Asians as a general rule do not sunbathe.......... and there is not much else in Florida

Might be time to play nice with the Mouse..............
jim sisti 2
Matt, he is just mad at them since he got married there. Methinks his rage against Disney and drag shows is more about the desires he has been surpressing ever since his Navy days. The YMCA better watch out, they may be his next recipient of his anger.


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