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Pakistan International Airlines 777 Grounded in Malaysia Over Unpaid Lease

A Pakistan International Airlines 777 was recently impounded in Malaysia following the airline's failure to pay its lease on the aircraft. This is the second time in two years that such an event has transpired, that too on the exact same plane. ( More...

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jeff slack 10
The outward state of this aircraft speaks volumes about the state of this company.......
Gregg Bender 1
I keep watching for an article about PK going Chapter 11.
sparkie624 7
No Pay, No Plane... Don't pay your bills, you are going to lose it1
Juan Jimenez 3
Unless you're Russia, in which case you cannibalize everything until it makes a crater covered with ground meat.
Juan Jimenez 2 and their idiotic "See, here's the thing" ad blocking webwhine needs to be emasculated and vaporized.
21voyageur 1
annoying? Yes. Emasculating and vaporizing? Really????
What is a dry lease?

Edward West 1
Wet lease and dry lease are two types of lease agreements for aircraft1. The main difference between them is who has operational control of the flight234. In a wet lease, the lessor provides the aircraft and the crew, as well as maintenance and insurance25. The lessor has operational control and uses the flight number of the lessee1. A wet lease usually lasts between 2 to 24 months and may be used for launching new routes, peak seasons, or flying into restricted countries1. In a dry lease, the lessee provides the crew and puts the aircraft on its own air operator's certificate (AOC) and air registration1. The lessee has operational control and is responsible for fuel and maintenance5. A dry lease is typically used for Part 91 operations, while a wet lease requires a commercial operating certificate5
John Pettinari 1
It's expensive to harbor terrorists. Paying leases is secondary.
MrTommy 1
I know a gentleman who made a living repossessing passenger jets for just this kind of thing. Man, has HE got some interesting stories!


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