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Air New Zealand to Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

Between May 29 and July 2, 2023, Air New Zealand will be administering a voluntary study in which passengers willing to participate will be weighed. The weight data taken from passengers will be used towards improving aircraft efficiency and range. The data taken from passengers will remain anonymous to respect and protect passengers' privacy. ( More...

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jeff slack 3
About time.

However, this is just research rather than charging by the kilo over a certain set airfare amount......... people are bigger and fuel costs more.

It is no longer a case of an occasional large person; it is now the norm.
David Folkard 2
Air New Zealand when taking over Ansett and asset stripping it managed to swallow up my total of 500,000 fly points. Never a word of notification or apology received about it, they simply evaporated. Just named world's number 1 airline.
270West 2
I remember doing this exercise for an Australian carrier over several months some 25 years ago.

They will conclude the average bag weight is 12kg and the pax is 84kg (F) & 88kg (M) Adults not accounting for children who's weight is half the adult, but will the carrier consider that and average the weight overall ?, I think not.

And depending on which country international travellers come from the allowable bag and pax wieghts may differ considerably from one country to another.

Just look at what some pax try to jam in overhead lockers designed for 3 pax plus under seat stowage the selfish entitled dont adhere to size regulations backpacks or the weight of carry on baggage 5kg nor the other passengers.

Remember below floor level, aircraft also carry freight as well as baggage this is the most profitable part on a flight. So will this mean the freight charges will increase too ?

I think this is a clear case of , "What can we do now to make money ?"

Maybe get rid of short haul "domestic" overhead pax lockers and check in all but the 5kg underseat carry on for starters.
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