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World’s first certified passenger-carrying air taxi takes flight

Imagine flying over the city in a pilotless, electric-powered aircraft that can take you from point A to point B in minutes without a pilot onboard. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, not anymore. China-based Ehang has become the world’s first company to receive airworthiness certification for its fully autonomous, passenger-carrying air taxis. What are electric air taxis? Ehang’s EH216-S air taxis are electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that can carry up to two… ( More...

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patrick baker 6
a prospective passenger in a pilotless air taxi or any other flying device must be technologically oblivious to take that trip. Ignoring reasoning, trusting where trust is unwarranted, is the case there. Same way with driverless taxis. Worship technology as much as you will, endow it with trusting one's life is foolish.Lots of people are going to die before the initial adopters numbers diminish enough to become apparent even to them
linbb -3
This is one thing which I find is really not going to work due to just a few items. One if something happens like loss of power they dont glide they fall well that parachute doesn't open really quick and since you are probalby not too high oh well. Two with these things buzzing around trying to avoid things sticking up or power lines here and there avoiding things is another due to where they will be operating. Three ya got a whole bunch of these things zooming around trying to deliver someone some where will they be landing along with if its a popular spot several trying to land or take off from the same area or place. Way too chancy to do since rubber tired driverless ones dont work every time and have been banned from some areas and created problems in others how is a person going to think these will do any better?
Bruce Johnson 4
It will be the most expensive and dangerous taxi in the world.

linbb 1
Stupid idea but doesnt say its certified in the USA or any other place but China. So let them be the test dummies to figure out if they really work or not. Would like to see if there is power faiure how well that chute deploys at 100ft.
Lewis Tripp -3
No AV Gas, No 2 Pilots, No Front Office, Only A Fool.


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