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Chicago Mayoral Candidate wants to reopen Meigs Field

Meigs was the second largest business district airport in North America. Meigs Field airport was closed when Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley ordered the runway destroyed with bulldozers without the thirty-day notice required by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. I propose the restoration of this important third airport with planned enhancements for 21st century personal air travel and much needed revenue source. (chicago.suntimes.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Kenneth Schmidt 21
Mr. Wilson's words about Daley's back door, authoritarian closing of Meigs in the middle of the night, and about the real need for Meigs in the downtown area is refreshing (as well as some of his other comments).

If this man can bring back Meigs, in a more modern/expanded form, I think it could out perform it's financial expectations. It sure would be better than flying into Palwaukee and taking a cab downtown.
sparkie624 3
Interesting.... Could unload some traffic from ORD and MDW as well.. But I do not see this becoming reality!
I am not sure that Meigs would take much traffic from ORD and MDW. However it will take flights that would right now go to Palwaukee and Dupage.

This would be especially relevant due to the increasing number of businesses moving downtown (McDonald's,and Mondelez for example).
Ryan Sybesma 1
At 3900' you couldn't land McDonald's Global & G550 there. Seeing Meigs Field resurrected would be fantastic, but who am I kidding. This is Illinois & Chicago, nothing here changes except a new or increased tax. #lookingtorelocate
bighoss81 1
I don't like to be negative but I agree that this is highly unlikely. Meigs is now a public park with a concert venue that holds events all summer. Most of the infrastructure has changed since it closed and I imagine it would be costly to make it flight ops ready. It would be cool to see it come back though!
awhitmor 1
I don't know that it makes sense just now, but a heliport sounds great. Those with helis based nearby would be able to fly direct to the lakefront. Anyone with fixed (or no) wings could hitch a shuttle over from ORD, MDW, GYY, PWK, DPA, etc... ...hats off to Mr. Wilson for bringing the subject up in public!
C.W. Reed 3
Ditto that to the 3rd power Kenneth! Cheers!
Cansojr 4
There is a similar problem at the Island Airport. Turboprops fly in all day long because you are right in the heart of the city. Jets are not. When the new green jet first made by Bombardier. They tested it and the butt brains in Toronto won't let it be used. Thats dumb because potential operators want to fly the new breed of quiet Regional Jets. There is a video of one testing all the pertinent guidelines, plus it would create more jobs on both sides of the USA/CANADA FENCE...NOT. It's on Utube. Search Bombardier. It is more quiet than some the turboprops.
Highflyer1950 -2
While I am convinced it is a great aircraft, there’s always that nagging little voice of reason that says, this airport is way to small and short for continuous jet operations. With a single runway there far too many diversions to CYYZ for weather issues.
Cansojr 1
It passed the test at a much shorter runway in London,U.K. I don't think you have all the facts. Toronto is ideal. The bankers are scared of a little jet noise. The GO TRAINS make a lot of noise. There is no logical argument to keep the C-Series Airbus out of Toronto. Talk to the folks in London.
wingbolt 5
He was on the Governors task force for fair practices in contracting. He doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of becoming the mayor of Chicago. It sounds like
he might not be corrupt enough!
bentwing60 2
i scanned the article and didn't really see the true chitcago requirement of D after his name, and his ideas and contentions are far to intellectual, let alone practical to be one. So, sadly I agree.
Tim Marks 1
The problem is that the cemeteries are full of active voters who vote Democrat in all elections and are loyal to the Dailey machine. Just because you die in Chicago does not mean your vote does not count for decades after you have left this world...and doesn't matter if you were a Republican when you were alive - you're a Democrat now.
btweston -2
You sound like a brainwashed radio listener.
As a follower of Chicago history, I would not be surprised at anything. Under the Daley machine, the organization would stop at nothing to assure that 'Hizhonor' prevailed. In fact, their patronage jobs depended on that fact.

It may not be that way in modern day elections, however, there is still a deep loyalty towards the Democratic Machine, from ward committeeman on up to County Chairman. Those potholes don't fix themselves you know. How you vote depends on if that pothole is fixed this week, or in the next Millennium.

There is a reason no Republican has been elected Mayor of the City of Chicago since the days of Big Bill Thompson (1931).


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