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Certification process for 777X is another hurdle for Boeing

Certification of the Boeing 777X is far off. The airplane’s first flight hasn’t occurred. There is no date announced when it will, but sources suggest it could be this month. (leehamnews.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Tom Pera 4
757 ... new aerodynamic carbon fiber wings and new engines... yep...
s2v8377 4
The original 777 series are a great aircraft, but the future is the 787. This should have very clear to Boeing before launching the 777X.

The 787? It's already 'too big' for many airlines, and Boeing made a lot of poor decisions on the engineering of that plane too. Just wait.
Don Quixote 2
Like what exactly? The 787 is a fantastic aircraft and will be for many decades.
They should bring back the 757!!! Seriously! Airbus is eating their lunch with the 200 series, Boeing could have had a whole series of 757's by now, and be sitting pretty, but instead they stuck gigantic engines on a what 40 year old design, and faked making it safe? I have loved the times I've been flown from here to there in the 757, and it would have been a heck of a lot easier to stick new engines on it!

What they did would be as stupid as gluing huge engines onto the MD-80. Yeah, bad idea... Very bad idea...

Boeing should scrap the 737MAX, demote them to 900NG's, refund some money, and sit in a corner and contemplate the really poor choice they made.
Don Quixote 2
Too bad, it's not happening. Just be patient and we'll see a new clean sheet design here in the near future. The MAX will continue on be a successful aircraft for many years.
Tom Pera 1
haven't sold many... A380...B747-800... and now 777-900X... all too big for today's market?
ADXbear 1
Boeing brought on this magnifying glass on themself, i dont know how they will rebuild their reputation to pre-max days.. i hope they can..
Greg S 1
I'm confident they learned the necessary lessons from the MAX disaster. The corporate lessons are pretty easy, basically: you know that shit you pulled with MAX? Never do any of that again. The technical lessons are more difficult, namely the failure analysis and FHA evaluation. They got that badly wrong for the MAX. You can bet that every aircraft manufacturer has asked themselves if any their failure analyses suffered from the same flaws, so everybody gets a chance to learn some lessons.

What they need are new aircraft that are matched to current and future needs. If they engines don't fit you must acquit! ... err ... I mean, you probably need a different airframe.
Even if Boeing didn't have the failure with the ruptured fuselage, they still would have the issue of not having engines to hang on the airplane. General Electric is way behind schedule in delivering those.
Don Quixote 1
the fuselage tear wasn't a failure...

that was expected and is apart of the testing process. but it was covered as a failure and setback, it's not

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