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Canada keeps Boeing 737 Max grounded, despite U.S. approval

While the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allowed the Boeing 737 Max to return to service, the aircraft remains grounded in Canada. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement released Wednesday that the flight restrictions on the Boeing 737 Max aircraft remain in effect, “and will not be lifted until the department is fully satisfied that all its safety concerns have been addressed, and that enhanced flight crew procedures and training are in place." Transport… ( Daha Fazlası...

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WhiteKnight77 1
That is their perogative, but will it hurt the airlines in Canada that fly those aircraft?
Maybe this is Canada's payback for Boeing having challenged Bombardier's C Series, now he Airbus 220
ADXbear 2
Speaks volumes on the worlds faith in the FAA and Boeing.. slot of damage done to rep.
canuck44 -2
Transport Minister Marc Garneau used to be a naval officer before transitioning to to the dark side. Now pure politician posturing for the upcoming election. Guess he is waiting for all the manuals to be translated to French and all the volumes and measurements be metric (think Gimli Glider).
Or perhaps maybe, just maybe, there are more things that should be done and Boeing has strong regulatory capture in the US. All these civil aviation authorities trusted that the FAA was doing all the right things when they weren't, so it's no surprise that they don't just follow them this time around. That's just basic CYA when you're dealing with human lives.

But even if he were playing politics, perhaps the good minister hasn't forgotten about that time in recent memory where Boeing essentially tried to bankrupt Bombardier's C-Series program, necessitating selling it off to Airbus.
Highflyer1950 7
Or, it makes a mockery of Transport Canada, the EU and just about every other country's’ Transportation Safety Regulatory body from not doing their jobs? Rubber stamping leads to larger issues. Like a photo copy of a copy from a copy! Gets a little blurry.
Greg S 2
Or much, much, much more likely, they simply haven't finished their review.

The exact wording of the minister's statement, though, was designed to appeal to the inherent anti-Americanism of Canadians to suggest they won't be pushed around by arrogant Americans.
Leo Aubry 1
Doesn't this hurt Canadian operators more than it hurts Boeing? Their reputation cant get any worse, and they have more than enough work to do just clearing out the employee parking lots in Everett.
Anthony Acri -4
Still one AOA sensor if I read correctly Will not be flying on it
Greg S 4
You did not read correctly.
If I read correctly you have to be assuming things, because there was no mention of AOA or any other sensors in the linked article.
Mike Bogue 2

As part of the fix, Boeing has reworked MCAS to more closely resemble the first version. It will be less aggressive, and it will rely on two sensors.
I think you pasted the wrong link, that article is a year and a half old.
Jeffrey Bue 1
Try this one...


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