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Douglas C-54 plane with 2 people on board crashes into river outside Fairbanks, Alaska

Another veteran lost ... what a shame for the aircraft and crew ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 3
A video has emerged:
Torsten Hoff 1
Nine seconds from engine failure to impact.

linbb 2
Something very bad happened when the engine exploded very unusual to happen. Most just start smoking and quit loaded with fuel to the max am sure never had a chance can be seen in the video. Sad deal.
Peter F. Hartmann Esq. 1
All aviators are particularly saddened by such tragedies. If I understand correctly from various news articles in the past, the air service involved is the only link to outlying communities.

If that is the case......why do folks choose to live in such outlying communities, and what mechanisms are involved in financing the VERY heavy financial cost of supporting the service.

Specifically, who pays to keep these outlying communities viable? (for those readers not personally involved in aviation.....operating ANY complex aircraft is very costly - especially the larger, older ones.


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