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How Not To Behave On An Airplane

Interesting survey of inflight behavior. ( Daha Fazlası...

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richard weiss 6
My plan is to win a $500,000,000.00 lotto. (it could happen!!) Then whenever there's a need to travel, call Net Jets.
Skyspy11 1
Great idea !! I use the Jet Expert, Captain Jerry. Always get a great deal with amazing planes.
Joseph Girone 1
Now THAT'S what I call a plan! Sounds like my own plan!
Victor Engel 6
Hmmm. It seems to me that windows are for looking out of. It always amazes me when people choose to sit in a window seat and then don't use the window. They didn't really address this issue in the survey. They did ask a question apparently from the perspective of non-window seated passengers. Should window-seated passengers be deprived of a view just because someone next to them wants to sleep? I think not.
Joseph Girone 6
Agreed. I've passed entire flights just staring out the window. I never get tired of the view.
indy2001 1
There is a time for everything. While I've been known to stare out the window for an entire flight (domestic flights are still the best for that activity), there are times when even I would hope everyone keeps the window shades closed. On a EGLL-KDFW flight last year in combined Business/First Class, every 5 or 10 minutes one particular passenger kept opening her window shade to peek out for about 10 seconds. Then she would close it again. Even though the flight was entirely in daylight most people obviously wanted to sleep, so the cabin had been darkened after the meal service. I wanted to go over and ask her exactly what she was looking for, since we were 36,000 ft over the Atlantic Ocean. The sudden brightness each time destroyed whatever night vision I had built up as I was watching a movie in the opposite window seat. When a FA went over to ask her to stop, her husband loudly asserted her rights to do anything she wanted since they had paid as much as anybody else, blah, blah, blah. As we went through Immigration and Customs, I could tell they had a very inflated opinion of themselves (the stereotypical "ugly Americans" that I thankfully don't see too much these days).

But this discussion also brings back one of the most humorous events that I ever saw on a plane. Before they went belly up, Renaissance Cruises used to charter Hawaiian Airlines DC-10s to fly their customers from KLAX to Papeete, Tahiti for a cruise. On the southbound flight, a balky air conditioning unit delayed our departure from KLAX by 2 or 3 hours. No problem, since Renaissance paid for a free drink at the airport bar. But this meant much of the flight was in total darkness. During that darkness, the pilot came on the PA to announce that we were just about to pass over the Equator. Dozens of window shades suddenly flew up and usually disinterested passengers pressed their faces to the windows to look downward at the dark Pacific. After a few seconds, the man in the row next to ours started laughing. When we looked at him questioningly, he said "They're expecting to see a dotted red line on the ocean, just like on maps." Then a few people decided to go to the toilets to demonstrate their knowledge of the Coriolis Force and see if they really did flush in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. They didn't. And there wasn't a dotted line on the ocean, either.
richard weiss 1
An old captain I flew with when starting out in the business told me a story about flying over the Great Crater just east of Flagstaff Az. It was a clear day, so he made an announcement to the pax. He explained how the crater had been formed by a meteor hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time a flight attendent entered the cockpit. She stated she wanted a better look. As she peered out the cockpit window she said "that meteor almost hit that road." And the answer is no, she wasn't a blond.
richard weiss -1
Victor, please don't consider the wishes of others when you make a decision. We all know "it's all about You."
KC Hoover 5
This article made me laugh. I had a United flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco I called the Romper Room flight. I had 10 hours of a kid kicking my seat back including pulling my hair. I asked the parents to have the child stop to no avail. I asked the FA but she said the flight was full so no other place to sit. She asked the parents to control the child nothing changed. There was non stop crying for the entire flight. One child would cry, then another and on and on. Kids running up and down the aisles screaming. Several kids vomiting on the flight incidents. The FA's were really good about the clean ups. I felt for them after the 3rd incident. It was a very turbulent flight. It was the most unpleasant 11 1/2 hours I have ever spent on a plane.
canuck44 0
Parents like that deserve what they get...a spilled sticky juice down the front of their clothing that occurs when you stand up during "turbulance". Obviously the kids were not Asians who are invariably better behaved.
KC Hoover 1
95% of that flight was Asian including the crew. They were based out of Hong Kong. United even served ramen as a meal on the flight, which I thought was pretty chinzy. Then I looked around on the flight and realized why they were serving noodles. Everyone on board were big noodle fans.
Tom Bruce 3
I flew for more than 20 years... seen it all. People would ask me what I did for a living, I replied,
"I wait in line"

Finally, I just had enough and retired...

I'm a little claustrophobic so I always got window seats and kept the shade open - no matter what
LancairESP 2
Due to flight cancellations my boss and I flew a 100% full BOAC London to NYC, getting the last two seats. My boss took the aisle seat (naturally) and I took the center of 5. I was cramped but he ended up sitting by a tyke who tossed cookies in his lap (and not in a good way). The "joys" of business travel.
scott grayson 1
"My other pet peeve - when a person in the row behind you grabs your seatback in order to help pull themselves up out of their seat. Some people do this habitually, so if you get one of them behind you, they'll do it again and again for the whole flight. Drives me crazy!" I am SOOO with you on this! Since when is the seat back of the passenger in front of you the handhold for access to the seat behind. If you complain, you come off as the "grumpy" one. The only means that I have ever found to explain the problem is on my way aft to the bathroom. It's remarkable how often there's turbulence just as I pass the passenger directly behind my seat. Can't hlp but grab a hold of that seatback to help keep my balance.
preacher1 1
I guess we have all been there, done that, at least once. KC calls it uncomfortable. Probably a more apt name is a flight from
KC Hoover 1
You got that right Wayne. SanFRan never looked so good to me. However when we reached their airspace the Capt came on the PA and said traffic was backed up and we were going to be circling for at least 45 more minutes. You litterly could hear the entire cabin groan.
Reminds me of Bill Cosby's piece about flying on an airplane and an ill-behaved child.
pdixonj 1
Something not mentioned...what about those people that help themselves to "your" assigned seat (one that you may have chosen yourself), just so they can sit next their travel mates. They don't even bother to ask you first if you would switch seats, they just take it and figure you won't mind.
Bill Swerz 1
Worst offense ever: Sept 1991, I was on my first trip to Russia. Pan Am direct flight KJFK-UUEE was cancelled due to equipment problem, so I was put on a flight to EDDF with connection to Moscow. As we prepared to land, a Russian woman in the row behind me took out a can of hairspray and proceeded to do her hair, filling the cabin with noxious fumes! Never saw that before or since, but these days I'm not shy about asking women to stop putting on nail polish in an airplane. Amazing how clueless some people can be.

I was a Journalist and ended up living in Moscow for 5 years (91-96) and flew all over the former Soviet Union, so I saw all sorts of unusual behavior. From extreme drunkenness to people bringing a whole oily, smoked fish wrapped in newspaper to snack on. Air travel in Russia is quite normal now, but back then it was always an adventure.

My other pet peeve - when a person in the row behind you grabs your seatback in order to help pull themselves up out of their seat. Some people do this habitually, so if you get one of them behind you, they'll do it again and again for the whole flight. Drives me crazy!
Larry Henty 1
Number 14, that one about what to do when you're finished with the food, really puzzles me. What food? Are you talking about USA domestic airlines? In the 90's or later? I remember real food (hot), on real plates, with real silverware (well, OK, stainless flatware), and coffee in real cups, but that was in the 60's and 70's, before deregulation, and there was sufficient space between the rows of seats to accommodate tray-tables larger than a postage stamp (but could still be slid forward and back).

In fact, most of the things that bug people in today's airliners stem from changes made to aircraft and airline procedures after deregulation. I used to fly every week on business, and I was like a kid with a new toy, for a decade or more. Now I dread going anywhere on an airplane. Still, I try not to let my aggravations preclude courteous treatment of passengers or flight attendants. Delays are a fact of life in commercial aviation, but so is safety, and I figure the guys and gals on the flight deck are just as impatient with delays as everyone, but they're charged with (and have a personal interest in) flight safety, so I try to be patient. Allowing one's aggravations to manifest themselves in boorish behavior only makes things worse. A large piece of duct tape applied firmly across pax' mouths upon boarding, might solve many of the behavior problems we see in the cabin.


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