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Russia Begins Retaliation Over The E.U.'s Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme; Denies Overflights

Russia has denied European airlines overflight routes from Europe to Asia as part of its retaliation to the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme, ETS, for carbon emissions. This move makes Russia the latest in a long line of countries enacting... ( Daha Fazlası...

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AccessAir 17
Finally Russia does something good...
JD345 8
Go Russia.
Ryan Pitt 6
Jeremy Kudlick 10
On a related note - Boeing bought 5 A340s from China Eastern as part of a deal to sell them 20 777s. Apparently, China has now banned all of their flag carriers from buying Airbus as long as ETS is in effect.
Brian Bishop 5
The greatest "greenhouse gas" in the atmosphere is water vapor. (CO2 is very minor). Can't wait to see their "Humidity Tax" scheme. Down here where I live, we'll be as rich as Al Gore.
OhanaUnited -1
Yes, but the strength/magnitude of CO2 is stronger than water vapour by many folds. Look up "global-warming potential" for more info.
Tom Bruce 5
the earth is getting warmer... like it has many times in the past... Greenland was green when the Vikings settled there.. it's still much colder now... what gets me is that there's never anything good about warming reported, in fact, it's like the "warmers" can't wait to report more bad news.. something happens, like Katrina, and it's "global warming" and on and on... it's unfortunate that the Euro (and Jack) have been taken in by this new political movement... (not an environmental movement) .... aviation contributes very little carbon - you want to slow carbon emissions? go to China and shut down their unfiltered coal plants...
JD345 1
...unfortunate that the Euro and WHO? Read my posts again.
John Hopkins 4
This is just a tax under the guise of preventing global warming. However it only amounts to a few cents on an airline ticket. The USA charges $14.00 for an ESTA application (previously free). All the work is done by the applicant on a computer and is approved by computer in 99% of the cases. All countries are intent on ripping off the airline passenger in one way or another.
chris trahan 7
For the first time in my life, I agree with the Russians.
Tom Bruce 3
James... it starts with YOU... junk your cars, turn off your heat and A/C... do all you can before you ask us to contribute...
Chris Taylor 8
Bring it on.

It is high time the arrogant and corrupt EU was taught a lesson.

All countries should bar EU airliners from their airspace until the EU backs down over this Stalinist tax.
Jeremy Kudlick 8
A number of non-EU countries are retailiating after a fashion by placing EU-flagged carriers in a holding pattern to allow other flights to land first.
Chris Taylor 3
Excellent,let's have more retaliation against the Marxist EU.
Ian Guy 0
The Marxist EU that has mostly right wing governments - clueless mate!
Tom Bruce 5
man made global warming is BS.... propaganda from Sierra Club, Greenpeace etc.... good for the Russians... and the Chinese who are delaying/canceling orders from airbus...
Alfons Wilbert 4
What always amuses me on this heavily American biased bulletin board, is the fact that any money grabbing, draconian measures that are enforced by some American based authorities are always accepted and excused by Americans as being necessary in the interest of national safety or homeland security.

Europe does a bit of money grabbing, and suddenly we are all Marxists!!

After having it done to use for years, now you know how it feels if it’s done to you.

Well, maybe one day the US will join us in the 21st Century!!
richard weiss 2
could not agree with you more, Alfons. We've currently a Marxist/socialist in the whitehouse, who hates business.
We all know that this money is going straight into the EU's pocket, and doing nothing for the environment. Joke's over, just lift the tax, and everyone will hate the EU just slightly less than they do now.
JD345 2
I'll still hate them pretty much the same amount.
Tom Bruce 3
and, for all of you "warming believers" .... have you stopped driving your cars? Do you bike, walk or bus to work? is your thermostat on 60 in winter and 85 in summer? Are you really that concerned?
ken young 1
I am sick of the EU. Hopefully the EU will collapse and those 17 countries will go back to being sovereign nations once again.
mbolek 1
And what about rest 10 countries?
cdkeeka 1
As the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (mother and wife were american so he should know) allegedly said " can always trust the Americans to do the right thing - eventually."
Don't worry guys we're still friends and sometimes friends agree to disagree.
All will be revealed in a few hundred years time, and then some people on one side or the other will say "Oh ****** the other side was right after all" - the rest will still say there is no proof!
pdfn3fgg 1
Rob Doel 1
Good job Russia, hope others do the same!
James Driskell -2
Sounds like a lot of folks have their heads in the sand (or elsewhere) over global warming. Hard to deny the real evidence even though we all contribute to the problem. If we don't start somewhere, we won't head heaters in the winter in the near future.
JD345 3
You're like a decade behind the times, dude... put the hockey stick away.
Brian Bishop 3
Read this article. The "warmers" are the ones with their heads in the sand. You've been duped.
James Driskell -2
It's disturbing seeing such anti-science and anti-intellectual nonsense coming from anyone. Unfortunately, such ignorance and fear of science is fashionable in American today. Instead of trying to grasp the basic and simple physics of the science, the ignorant hide and shield their intellect from reality and disturbing facts.
Fear and misunderstanding of the basic physics adds nothing in discussions relating to potential threats. It is clearly way past time to accept scientific truths and put aside political ideology. We can't continue to concede intellect in favor of folly. If we allow such nonsense being passed off as legitimate dialog to continue we do so at our own peril.
richard weiss 3
Please James, don't allow facts to change your thoughts and feelings. That famous scientific mind, Al Gore has made 3 fortunes by convincing people, such as yourself, we can actually adjust the climate with taxes and credits. The evidence touted by all those Nobel laureates was destroyed by the Anglien University scandal. The the earth may be warming, but we mere mortals can not stop it. That is what is know as a fact, James.
James Driskell 0
My initial post refered to people with their heads in the sand.
richard weiss 1
your point? Understanding facts, and making a statement of them, is putting one's head in the sand?
richard weiss 1
Where I live in upstate New York, we'd be under a few thousand feet of ice, had there not been global warming 10,000 years ago. Wait 10,000 more years and we'll be under that ice again. We could call it the climate cycle, and man is not in charge it. Yo' Mama Nature is.
Gene spanos -4
Let's see some of the 3.4 metric tons of jet fuel emissions produced from the aviation industry - reduced. The EU carbon tax is fair.
The U.S. needs to comply here as well.
There's nothing like the smell of jet
fuel in the morning................
Chris Taylor 5
What's fair about an arrogant and communist EU taxing an airplane in it's home airspace?.

That is what this tax entails.

The EU tax it's citizens into the ground already and is constantly looking for ever increasing amounts of revenue.

The rest of the world needs to resist this tax.

Get real.
JD345 9
But haven't you seen the two-variable global climate computer models that prove beyond debate that all life on earth will cease if we don't tax and regulate economic activity?
richard weiss 4
Since we all exspell Carbon Dioxide, I suggest we tax the number of breaths a person takes. Marathon runners, politicans and B.S.ers would finally pay their fair share.
joel wiley 4
Re: politicians- is political hot air measured as a factor in global warming?
richard weiss 2
In case it's not obvious, is an attempt at sarcasim. Humans are a large producer of carbon polution. It will continue until we all learn to not exhale
JD345 3
Just wait until the Yellowstone caldera lets go... I got yer climate change right here!
Ian Guy 1
'Expel' is the correct spelling; and what soaks up the CO2? The rain forests, and what are now about 1/10 the size they once were, you guessed it rain forests; burnt down to fatten cattle for fat consumers of Big Macs.

You can split this thread into two groups, those who don't care, who label the EU as 'corrupt', 'marxist' (yeah Angela Merkel, Sarcozy and Berlusconi are all card carrying commies!) and arrogant, and those who would at least encourage a bit of sense to be used.

I agree, China and India burning coal is a major factor, but the good old US of A needs to actually admit that for many years they have been the biggest abusers of fossil fuels; hey, but never mind, your corporate bankers have screwed the worlds economies more than once, so why bother.
richard weiss 3
expel is correct. I do this stuff on the fly, but have to remember that rhetoric is more important than than facts when dealing with the wacko greenies.

The tax and spend mentality of the EU and our current president will not fix a problem that is not man made. Climate cycles have been around since the time of the recorded history. But, somehow, humans are at fault for the current warming. That premise has been disproven many times. Even the advocates of man made global warming had to admit they could not prove it. But who cares about fact when an idiology is at stake.

Ian put up your sources for the proof that MAN MADE global warming exists. I will find the proof to the contrary.

The EU scheme is nothing more than an attempt to TAX us. (you and me) It will not change an event in the natural progression of the earth


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