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Flight MH370 crashed into Indian Ocean in apparent 'suicide mission'

The UK Telegraph is reporting Malaysian authorities are working on a theory that MH 370 was deliberately crashed as a suicide mission. ( More...

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PhotoFinish 2
Headline should be changed to read:

"Malaysians Investigating Whether Flight MH370 Crashed Into Indian Ocean As A Result of A Suicide Mission"

Note that:
1. No one is certain who was at the controls, pilot or otherwise, nor which one.

2. An investigation, doesn't make any one potential cause among many, the apparent cause the flight crashing.
Don't know if pilot suicide is the deal here but if it catches on like school shootings don't own airline stocks.
PhotoFinish 1
While this theory is possible, even likely, the Malaysians seem to have done everything possible to deprive themselves and the world the information necessary to come to this or any conclusion, conclusively.

They mismanaged the search and rescue process, and essentially guaranteed that any possible crash survivors woul not ultimately get a chance to survive the inhospitable environmment in which they would find themselves after impact.

Preacherman early on zeroed in on pilot suicide as the likely cause of this missing plane. While I acknowledge that such is a likely possible ultimate cause, I hesitate to sully a pilot's name in the absence of good information about this flight (thanks Malaysia).

I'd like to consider additional explanations. Eg. The pilots may not have succumbed while enroute to the alternate airport, but while turning to line up with the approach heading to the runway at the diversion airport.

It is important to exhaust all possible alternate explanations (especially in the absence of conclusive proof, or even the most basic information o what was happening on that flight deck after departure) before making a scapegoat out of the pilot.
preacher1 1
Yeah, but there is so much out there now, I don't know what to believe. It could have been mechanical but the controlled South turn and dropping to 12000 feet seem to be a controlled action so idk. The possibility of hijacking or pilot suicide is full of holes by going so far South, if for a fact they went that way. It could have made it's way North a variety of ways, and be on the ground somewhere up there but we have heard no chatter or announcements from any terrorist group. I personal think that this little banana republic tried the world stage, did not like the openness and scrutiny, and is trying to sweep things under the rug and get back to their normalcy. IMHO
PhotoFinish 1
North has been ruled out through analysis of the satellite data. Read the Inmarsat thread. That Reuters article explains it well enough. The basically studies the recorded pings and figured the direction msl changes between satellite and plane, which indicates the direction of travel of plane. They they compared these pings to pings from other 777 aircraft flying a similar route, and if matched.

Then they sent the info to another satellite company to review the science.

Definitely went south (eventually) and was last reported in the deep, deep southern Indian Ocean far from any landing strip.

Ella Talbott 1
It's all just pathetic to be honest. Everything from Malaysia Airlines handling of the relatives to poor communication about search efforts and everything in between.

It's really outrageous to think that with all these debris sightings, that NOTHING has been pulled from the water. They have half the world out looking for the debris and no one is coming up with anything. What makes it worse, and I find this the hardest thing to swallow and I really cannot understand why the hell debris is spotted on satellite, it takes up to 3-4 days to get the info out there and then another 2-3 days to get search teams to the location. By then almost 6 days pass and they wonder why they aren't finding anything. Disgraceful considering the technology these days.
Torsten Hoff 1
If the theory is correct, it isn't a "suicide mission" but mass murder.
Yes. That would be far more accurate. Excellent point.


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