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VIDEO: Qantas Retires Their Boeing 767s [60 Minutes]

If you are a fan of the Boeing 767, this video might make you a bit sad. ( More...

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Art Troutman 3
I have a soft spot in my heart for QANTAS [Queensland And Northern Territories Airways Service] - one of the oldest airlines in the world. As one of the design engineers in the Constellation Engineering Design Project at [then] Lockheed Aircraft Corp in Burbank Calif, back in the 1950's, Qantas was one of our customers for the Model 1049 Super Constellation. The video also brought back memories of that airfield, when it was George Air Force Base, part of the Tactical Air Command of the US Air Force and home of the Lockheed-built F-104C/D fighters. I spent time there, representing Lockheed, as we conducted on-site verification, by Air Force personnel, of Weapons Loading Checklists - one of the first such procedures in the industry. "George" was distinguished by its square'ish-shaped runway layout.
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service*
Pardon my correcting you Art. On fully reading your post I see details of your very distinguished aviation background, so, I extend my apology if my retort seems pompous.

Further to your post, not only is QANTAS ONE of the oldest airlines in the world, eclipsed only by KLM, it's actually the OLDEST in the English speaking world.

I suspect you'd also know that one of those beautiful Connies has been restored to her former glory and is a regular flying attraction at the HARTS Museum in the Illawarra region in NSW, Australia.
Art Troutman 1
Geoff - you are too kind! Your sensitivity to my feelings is really appreciated! And I can discern from your comments that your aviation background is stellar. I wasn't sure if KLM [another distinguished Super Connie customer] or Qantas was the oldest airline in the world. I loved your diplomatic resolution! I was not aware of that restored Connie in your country. I know that Breitling in Switzerland has a restored, flying one. I'm aware of one at the airport in Camarillo, in Southern California, that is in the process of being restored to flying condition. Thank you for your most interesting comments!
Sue Jillings 3
Very sad! feel stupid with a box of tissues by my side but very emotional. I understand how the crew feel.
Eric Schmaltz 3
They don't have deserts in Australia?????
Of course, we even have ice cream and apple pie

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Well, the captain said that its akin to having an old car. Sooner or later you will have to replace it with some new or newer. I have a 2004 Land Rover Discovery II that I will never give up! My late father, who was English & worked for Rolls-Royce Motorcars, once told me that a vehicle, any vehicle, will last a lifetime as long as you keep up with the recommended maintainance. Why do you think that in Cuba good old American cars from the 50's & 60's, when cars WERE cars & not built with the planned obsolescences since then, are still running?
Cuba is a special situation. Because of the embargoes that have been in place for decades, newer American cars are unavailable, and parts cannot be obtained for older ones. So, an entire cottage industry has spring up for making parts, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes by modification of parts from other makes. Owning an old American car has a sort of cult status there, and keeping them running is often as much of a hobby as it is a necessity for transportation. For the most part, they are monumentally unreliable, and have about the same maintenance-to-operatring time as your average military helicopter! Do you really want to fly in planes with that kind of operating record?
Not to mention the improvements in safety, utility, comfort, etc.
Molto bello...anche se triste !
It seems to me most leaving comments are advocating there is more life in the old girls yet. My observation is, with this philosophy we would still be walking over the tarmac to get aboard a Tigermoth or similar if we stayed with this philosophy. Progress waits for no man and that includes travelers that like to travel on old planes, we have to move with the times, especially when it's someone else's money is involved.

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Toby Sharp 2
Nope, he loves Aviation and all things about it.
preacher1 2
Well, everything comes to the end of the line sooner or later. Airlines have quit ordering them, causing Boeing to think about quit making them. They been around since the 80's so if they were among the first, I'd say it's time.
preacher1 4
You know, everybody is talking new planes for fuel efficiency, but back in the day, I had a good friend that had a mechanically sound, older car. She decided to keep it, saying that until the extra gas was more than a car payment on a newer, more fuel efficient car that she was just going to drive it. Gas never got that high and she never traded, at least not for fuel mileage. I wonder if maybe the airlines aren't making a rush in going for the newer stuff. I guess it's a good excuse to stay out in front of the public but that is hard earned capitol that goes for a new plane, where fuel is a cost of doing business. Their accounting is kinda like the government's sometimes.
Tom Lyons 1
Julio Castro 1
Why?? Whats the problem now?
Chuck Dreier 1
I suppose I'm a soft heart, but the way I love airplanes this is a little sad.

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She was a proud craft in her day...But she will always be!
Zany4God 1
That was sad. Didn't expect that reaction. The video was well done. If it's any consolation, the AF will be picking up some new 767's for aerial refueling missions. Never say die, lol.
Jerry Rader 1
Like all the rest of the airplanes being retired, it just doesn't have a new "glass cockpit" to keep it around.
preacher1 0
It was one of the first, if not the first, with glass cockpit. If they did not keep up with the upgrades they are talking $, depending on their age. Per post below, if they are super early in age, it may just be time or it could be a combination of both.
well is sad when see an airplane place out the fleet
But what was the reason B 767 is a good equipment
Tom Lyons 1
I'm curious why they'd land at LAX on the way to the graveyard? Is there some customs requirement for the crew?
I fail to understand the need to retire such fine aircraft when the Boeing B-52 has been in service for some 60 years? They continually upgraded with new engines & other apparatus that have enabled them to keep on flying. The MD10 was upgraded to the MD11 & are now flying as cargo planes. Why cant the same be done with civilian aircraft as it seems to me to be such a waste or do they need to be retired so that the manufacturers need to do the same old thing of making money & wasting materials? It also seems to me that with uprades all of the aircraft sitting in that desert would comprise a new airline or airforce.
Stefan Sobol 1
Because the military has basically unlimited funds to maintain the B52 fleet. This will continue until something better comes along (probably vastly expensive) or they are told to stop updating the B52s by Congress.

The military is not required to make a profit while operating their planes.

While they look kind of similar the MD10 and MD11 are very different airplanes (among other things, the airframes are different). Some DC10s where made into MD10s by updating the systems to get rid of the FE (mostly driven by FedEx).
I understand about the seemingly unlimited funds of the military, however, I have seen a lot of waste. A case in point is the retirement of the F14 Tomcat manufactured by Grumman, the company that my father in law retired from. The plane was forced in retirement by Dick Cheney so that the F18 Hornet, an aircraft that cant do half of what the F14 could do, to be manufactured & in turn forced upon the Navy.

The nation has currently has a huge Federal deficit most of which comes from government waste. I used to receive daily emails from the government listing items for sale a lot of which were government vehicles some of which had minor damage that could have been repaired & others that were in excellent condition. Most of the vehicles were no more than 2-3 years old all with low mileage. I am not refering to military equiopment like tanks & guns. Instead I am refering to every day cars like you & I drive.

Unlike the government I do not have unlmited funds & live very frugally. I have found that keeping up with the maintainance of my vehicle is cheaper than having to buy a new one. Most of the new ones are plagued with problems. A lot of the cars are subsequently recalled.

I once worked for NYCEMS & then FDNY part of which was in the Queens Borough Command. Every year I witnessed the purchasing of new office equipment that went straight from the shelve to the trash to justify the need for the following year's budget. Instead of doing that wouldnt it make more sense to save or invest that money that wasnt spent in one year instead of wasting it? If the money can be saved on the local level then likewise it can be saved on both the state & federal levels which would in turn educe the federal deficit & our taxes.
preacher1 0
Problem is that there is nowhere in a government for a manager to save. They don't have any incentive too. It's just not in the culture. The culture is going to have to be changed and common sense rebirthed before it can ever be effective.
preacher1 0
Your fund are limited, and my funds are limited, but why do we need to support a professor some where making over 100k per year trying to find out why the back end of a Hippopotamus shakes when it's walking. As with any research, he/she may think they are doing something important, but all such projects should be evaluated by "who cares".
Nick Lake 1
They is a grave yard in Alice Springs
I thought I was going to start crying at any moment


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