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Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm

Tipping the scale at a mere 4.2 ounces (12 grammes), the white-throated, black-capped blackpoll warbler (Setophaga striata) migrates each autumn from New England to South America. The geolocators, weighing only 0.02 ounces, found that the birds completed an astonishing non-stop flight of between 1,410-1,721 miles. ( Daha Fazlası...

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alan75035 6
Does it have to connect thru Atlanta?
btweston 11
African or European?
tedtimmons 5
For those of you who don't know, btweston's brilliant comment was refering to a line from: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Loved it :-)
Chris Bryant -1
I was absolutely going there!
Are you saying coconuts are migratory?
Ole Eskildsen -1
Coconuts are indeed migratory ...
via sea!
blueashflyer 1
Coconuts do float, and can migrate to other islands via currents. However, if coconuts float in saltwater for a period of time they become sterile - they cannot make new coconut trees. And you thought this website was only for aviation news you can use... ;-)
Ole Eskildsen 1
so are the coconuts still edible after being in the salty ocean for a long time?
Ole Eskildsen -6
African or European???
Say again!

Last I checked New England is somewhere in North America quite some distance from Europe and South America is also quite far from Africa!
Maybe you should buy an atlas or else use Google Maps now that you are on a computer with Internet access.
CaptainFreedom 3
Too awesome! Just another day at the office for these magnificent creatures.
David Searls 2
What flight level? Bonus link:
Ole Eskildsen 1
4.2 ounces = 119 grams
still pretty light.
Robert Maguire 1
Hummingbirds do the same thing, flying from the US to South America.
Ole Eskildsen 1
and they are humming all the way ;-)
David Aaron 1
Only the ones that cross the Gulf at the Yucatan and it's not as long a flight over water, albeit still very impressive for such a small bird.
Victor Engel 1
This is "only" across the gulf, but still more impressive to me. Lots of small birds cross the gulf. They're so exhausted by the time they reach land that people can stand on shore with their arms out, and the birds will land on them. Very cool.
Dan Egelhoff 1
4.2 Oz = 119.067997125 grams
The stories got the weight wrong. Too many are alike and someone decided to convert the 12 grams, but the decimal point was wrong. The little bird runs aroudn a half ounce and 12 grams is close, but 12 grams is actually .42 not 4.2 ounces......
Ole Eskildsen 1
wow, such a light "aircraft" could easily be blown off course if it encounters a cross. Maybe it only initiates the trip when it has a direct tail wind?
Big misunderstanding on the weight of the warbler in the article. All of the news releases read the same with some minor changes. The weight is .12 to .15 grams or .42... ounces, not 4.2 ounces.
Most bird sources don't mention the weight or list it in grams. . . . . . .


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