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Widow Says Southwest Didn’t Let Her Call Suicidal Husband

A Southwest passenger wonders if she could have saved her husband’s life had a crewmember not intervened. A Wisconsin woman said Southwest Airlines refused to let her use her cell phone to make a call that could have saved her husband’s life before he committed suicide. ( Daha Fazlası...

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I'm willing to bet the husband knew she should have been on a plane with the phone off and sent the message not expecting her to get it until he had already done what he intended to do.
Mark Lansdell 1
I commented in the original article. The way I read the story the door was still open when she got the text and asked to make a phone call. She had the option of deplaning at that point and I'm sure SWA would have accommodated her and allow her to get on another flight,especially if they had someone on stand-by. It's been a pretty hard and fast rule that no electronic devices can be used on board. So I agree with both of you. It can not be Southwest's fault that she could not make a call that probably would not have changed the outcome. I can give you all the winners of yesterday's horse races, it's tomorrow's slate that gives me trouble.
joel wiley 0
Another headline was: "Local woman looking for answers after her husband took his own life". I think it is very common in such situations for the grieving survivors to wonder if they just did XYZ, they could have prevented it. There rise many questions, but one that is not valid is "how is this Southwest's fault?"
linbb 0
Great BS story as when would it stop, the attendant has no way of knowing if the call will be fake or not. But lets place the blame on someone other than the persons involved. The problem does not lie with Southwest it lies with the people who were involved directly.
matt jensen 0
Maybe SWA needs to train the attendants in compassion. I think this is manslaughter.
Mark Lansdell 1
If it is it's mandated by the FARs. The FA referred to the Federal Aviation Regs. when he denied the woman's request.


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