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San Diego exploring potential of its two smaller airports

San Diego officials are launching a comprehensive effort in 2017 to determine the economic and aviation potential of Otay Mesa’s Brown Field and Kearny Mesa’s Montgomery Field, two city-owned airports that critics call underutilized eyesores. The $1.7 million effort was prompted partly by a 2015 city audit that said years of mismanagement at the two airports has prevented them from generating more revenue and becoming economic catalysts for the region. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Donnie Guess 2
If they added another 1000 ft to the runway at Montgomery Field, the airport would explode with corporate aircraft tenants. As it is now, a Citation II is about the biggest jet that can land there. I know many tenants at Carlsbad airport that would love to relocate to Montgomery, not to mention those paying extremely high fees at Lindbergh Field.
WeatherWise 2
There's not much real estate left for any significant runway expansion at Montgomery. That in combination with MCAS being a next door neighbor, I'm sure would open up the flood gates for a variety of safety and environmental issues.
Hugh Somsen 2
Brown seems wiser choice to expand. And eventually replace Lindbergh. Quick before a disaster occurs involving the horrific parking structure...... ya know the one that starts your wheels spinning prematurely....
shawn moore 1
Not enough room at SDM to put in an ILS. Too close to Mexican boarder to protect airspace. Requires coordination with TIJ to do an approach in there now.

shawn moore 2
But if they don't improve services there by closing Gibbs & Crown Air, no one will fly in more than once.

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joel wiley 5
The seem to be taking a somewhat different tack than Santa Monica and KSMO. Their planning documents indicate they see Brown Field KSDM as a resource as an airport. More info at:

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joel wiley 2
Otay Mesa is where Brown Field located and is addressed in land use and noise sections of the 160 pp pdf doc.


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