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Drunk Sunwing pilot sentenced to eight months in jail

An airline pilot who was so drunk he appeared to pass out in the cockpit before takeoff has been sentenced to eight months in jail, a penalty the judge said should deter pilots around the world from showing up to work impaired. Miroslav Gronych, 37, pleaded guilty last month to having care and control of an aircraft while he had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit. Judge Anne Brown banned him from flying for one year after his release and took into account time Gronych… ( Daha Fazlası...

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744pnf 7
There is help available in the US through carriers and ALPA. Been there, done that.
glang3 4
Yes. There are super support systems here.
jack slide 2
I guess the new crewing requirements are 1 and 1/5 to pilot an airplane.
glang3 3
Ok. He did a stupid thing. He did not seek help before his problem got he best of him. But, Alcoholism is a real thing. As everyone abandons him, I just pray there is someone left who will help him through recovery. He has certainly already reached his low point.
a1brainiac 1
THREE times the legal limit ? How did he get past "security"
Robert Huff 1
So he is going to be allowed to take innocent lives back into his hands yet again?
3X the legal limit?
If that is 0.24 %, that is 1/2 the lethal amount 0f 0.5%.
So what will be the punishment the next time he does it?
Eric Lozen 1
3X's legal limit. Is this in accordance with the company's policy or local/civil law? I'm not condoning this by any means; especially when innocent lives are put in jeopardy! Just curious.
Eric Schmaltz 1
Threw his life away along with the empty bottle.
a1brainiac 1
I've seen passengers refused boarding at the gate just for having booze on their breath and this jerk stumbles on a plane and passes out at the wheel !! I just read where TSA workers tested positive for drugs and alcohol.......When I fly anymore it's a crapshoot as to whether I will get to my destination anymore...alive !
Wolfgang Prigge -1
Old news, was posted a day ago.
MH370 0
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Drunk Sunwings Pilot Gets Prison Sentence

A pilot at Canadian leisure carrier Sunwing Airlines was given an eight-month prison sentence on Monday after appearing to pass out while drunk prior to a flight to Mexico.

The pilot, 37-year old Slovakian national Miroslav Gronych, pleaded guilty to having three times the permitted level of alcohol in his system while being in charge of an aircraft.


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